Friday, April 20, 2012

Questions answered

Last month I answered questions my cousin posed on her blog and then turned around and made up my own questions. KB answered and then asked me for my responses to my own questions. You ask KB, I deliver:

1. What is your number one desired travel destination?
Phuket, Thailand

2. What would you do if you were granted a day without any responsibilities?
Sleep in until 9am, go for a jog in Central Park, meet girlfriends for brunch, get a manicure and pedicure, meet up with friends at Sheep Meadow in The Park to hang out, read, relax, whatever. Go home to change and then meet friends for a rooftop BBQ followed by games at someone’s apartment. I feel really guilty answering this question because it’s not unusual for this to be a typical Saturday for me. In fact, up until Sheep Meadow, this is exactly what I did last Saturday, except I had to get up at 7:45am.

3. Aside from something responsible (paying off debt, down payment on a house, saving, etc) what is something you’d buy if someone gave you $100,000?
It’s hard to wrap my mind around this realistically happening, but I think I would follow suit of my friend Sara and take a year(ish) off and travel around the world. I’d also do something for/with my family, maybe a cruise, or a beach house or something.

4. What is a favorite memory from college?
This is really tough. My college years were some of my very best, there are so many good memories. One night a handful of girlfriends and I drove around town all night doing little acts of mischief; climbing on top of a billboard (that wasn’t very high) rearranging letters in a farmer’s marquee, climbing on top of Sonic and breaking the blow up man accidentally, stealing our friends’ couch, etc. I should post some photos of that night. We stayed out all night and went home early in the morning and slept all day.

5. What is a song that has a strong tie to a great memory?
This isn’t one specific memory, but the song Money for Nothing by Dire Straits will always make me think of my dad and driving with him when I was a kid. Any time it would come on the radio he would turn the volume up as high as it would go. As a kid I remember it just BLARING to the point of almost hurting my ears but not quite and when the guitar solo intro would start he would rock out like crazy. Sort of funny because apparently when I was little my dad was mostly reserved and quiet around people outside of family and close friends.

6. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
Eleven. Much too young. My first great kiss was the day before I turned eighteen.

7. What is your all time favorite tv show?
Friends. Almost daily there is a situation that I can relate to an episode.

8. Who is your celebrity crush?
How much time do you have? There’s a million. Jon Hamm, George Clooney, Keifer Sutherland, Dennis Quaid, Jack Nicholson…

9. What is one of your favorite Sunday activities?
Sunday nap. Hands down.

10. What is something or someone you think is extremely overrated?
Channing Tatum. Sorry Becky, I couldn't think of anyone or anything besides Twilight (and by now everyone knows my feelings there) and after reading your post it reminded me how I just don't think he's what everyone else thinks he is.

11. Have you ever skinny dipped?
Most people who answered this said once. I’m starting to wonder if I’m some sort of hippie. The first time I went was with my cousins (female) in their pool when we were around 8 or so. I don’t remember going again until I was in college. My junior year a couple girls and I went in Rigby Lake. Then the year after I graduated I was visiting Rexburg again and Aimee, Chelse, and a couple guys who will remain nameless and I went out to Rigby Lake again in the middle of the night and went. Freaking freezing! I’ve gone a couple times in the pool in the Berkshires, and most recently last summer with Chelse in some random person’s pond in Rexburg. I wouldn’t really call that skinny dipping though, because it wasn’t like we swam around. It was freezing, we stripped down, ran off the dock screaming in the pitch black, jumped in, and jumped out, to prove to ourselves that we’re not too old and boring. My favorite skinny dipping experience, however, was with Chelse and Whitney at Newport Beach. Every other time I’ve been has been in the middle of the night, or when I was confident we wouldn’t get caught. Chels, Whit and I were in the ocean just swimming around and enjoying a gorgeous August day the summer after I’d graduated from college and I think we dared each other to take our tops off. This was Newport beach in the middle of a very crowded Saturday beach day. We were pretty far out in the water and there was no one else around so we got brave enough and went full monty. And theeeeeeeeen a random man started swimming near us. We scrambled to get our suits back on, which is incredibly difficult when you’re in water, and especially so when you are too deep to touch the bottom. We were dying laughing. I told Chelse I’m making her do it again with me in Miami this June. :) What can I say? I guess I just like being nakie.

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