Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Monday April 23rd - four miles

This run was a failure.  Since I was getting to bed early Sunday night, knew I'd only have to be at a desk until about noon on Monday, and didn't know how the rest of my day would unfold with a funeral to attend, I decided I'd get myself out of bed in the morning to do my run before work.
All was going well.  I had my half of an english muffin with peanut butter, I was feeling rested and ready to run, and then I went outside and it was still raining out.  Blah.  Luckily I had brought my gym pass so on to the treadmill it was.  It had been three weeks since I'd done a treadmill run, which had gone surprisingly well, however, this one did not.  I jogged to and from the gym which was a half mile round trip, and only made it two miles on the treadmill.  It.  Was.  Torture.  Part of me started to get worried about having enough time to get into work on time so maybe I justified a bit, but it was mostly just hating being on that treadmill.  The time dragged and it just wasn't a good running day.

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