Monday, April 9, 2012

Tuesday April 3rd - three miles

I really don't have any memory of this run other than the fact that I did it and it was at the gym. I was so exhausted and made the mistake of allowing myself to sit down for 20 minutes. I was falling asleep sitting down. I knew I wasn't going to get my second short run in this week though, so I finally found the motivation.
Wait, I just remembered. I finally got myself to the gym and all the treadmills were taken. There's only four at this particular gym and one was broken. So it's not like I felt confident waiting for a few minutes that one would open up. I stood around for a little, and hopped on the elliptical for a few minutes, and then just got annoyed because there was no point in being on the elliptical. I was annoyed at myself for waiting so long because now it was too late to run into the park. Then I finally realized I could just run on the streets. Running on the street is annoying because there's so man people and you have to cross streets, but Central Park West isn't as crowded and there's not as much traffic. It was also easy to figure out how far I needed to go because of the city blocks.
The run wasn't bad at all. Mentally I liked knowing how many blocks I had left, but it also was like the equivalent of frequently checking my distance on a treadmill. There were also a couple times I just had to stop because I wanted to cross the street and there was too much traffic. I attempted the jog in place you see runners do but it was awkward and not really effective.

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