Friday, April 20, 2012

Thursday April 19th - three and a half miles

Last night I ran the West Side Highway. Britt had invited me over for dinner and it was casual so I just started at 34th on the Hudson and ran to her place. I was thinking it would be an easy run since it's all flat but it wasn't that easy for some reason. I wasn't loving it. I don't know why. It was doable, but I couldn't help but think I would have been happier running in the park. It was nice to see the Freedom Tower and run towards it, and nice to run along the water. It was also nice to be able to jog past some other slower joggers (wahoo!) I was keeping a pretty steady 9:30 pace until I had about a quarter of a mile left and I came to a detour. I was that person sort of jogging in circles trying to figure out what to do, and then realized there was no avoiding it, I had to run up some stairs, over the highway, down stairs, and straight into commuters heading to the PATH train. It killed me. And my pace.
In the end it was all worth it though because I got to see Britt and Logan's place now that they're settled in, and had a great night of girl chat with Britt, Ash, and Court and got to see their wedding photos, yay! Brittany is definitely the hostess with the mostest. She made some delicious tacos and we had fondue for dessert. The fondue was ridiculous. SO good. It was nice to be in my old neighborhood too.
My knees were hurting today. I need to buy some ice cube trays so I can start icing my knees after my runs I suppose.

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