Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sha booya, sha sha sha booya roll call, sha booya, sha sha sha booya roll call!

Yes, that was a thing we used to do in cheer. But seriously, this is a roll call to all you blog viewers I don't know (or maybe DO know, but you just haven't revealed that you look at my blog.)

Thanks to my favorite blogger friend Kathryn I've learned about stat counter, and the roll call. (Gotta give credit where credit's due.)
Anyway, I love checking out my stat counter to see who's been looking at my blog. It's not that I think I have the coolest blog in the world, I mostly blog for myself as a journal, and for my family that is so far away.
But I've loved blogging (especially before work blocked it!) for so many reasons, one of them being because I find old friends and make new ones, and realize how small of a world we live in.
So yes, I love finding out who's been checking out my blog. I love seeing that the Burns family in Houston still cares about what's going on in my life, and I love that after seven years and never even living in the same state Ang still checks in on me (and me her) when I see a hit from Indiana. But there are so many of you who I don't know!! Please introduce yourself in a comment! Don't feel guilty, I've been a total blog lurker here and there. I've found people from my home stake I only knew through associastion, and I still think it's fun to catch up on their lives, and I've looked at friends of friends' blogs, whom I didn't even know. So come on, just say hi!! I won't bite, promise.


Jake, Cindy & Blaine said...

so, how do you do the stat counter, roll call thing?!

Kathryn said...

Yes, love the stat counter. But- it made me go crazy in the end. :) Good luck!

Missy said...

I come and read sometimes!

Elise said...

You are having better luck than me... still.

Steve and Rebecca said...

I sthe stat counter that number that goes up every time someone comes to your blog?? What is the roll count? How do you know the states where people are viewing your blog from??

Ang said...

Ah, of course I wouldn't miss out on my Rach and her exciting life. You are one busy New Yorker and I love this new life of yours. You've got to teach me how to do the stat counter thing. Love your guts!