Thursday, August 2, 2007


I am so not a girl when it comes to home decor!
Tonight I am officially moving into my OWN ROOM. Woo hoo! Yes, I've been sharing a room and I'm 24 years old. Usually people only share rooms at that age with their husbands, buuuuut I live in New York City and it's expensive and when I came here I didn't have a job so I had to go the "cheap" route and share a room for a bit.
But FINALLY I'm moving into my very own bedroom. I've had my own room for most of my life, but have never really been a decorator. Growing up my mom always did the decorating, seeing as how she was an interior decorator. (We're seriously like twins, but somehow that gene skipped over me.)
In college my room was kind of always a montage of pictures and flowers and posters, very dormish. I was a poor college student and didn't really care about decorating, so anything cutesy that matched fell to the bottom of the priority list.
So now that I'll be in my own room I decided, I'm a college grad, I'm 24, I have a real job, I have some spare money, and I no longer have an excuse to not have a nicely coordinated bedroom, at least.
Here's the problem. I've got a baren small bedroom. I don't know the measurments exactly....maybe 10x10? I'm starting totally from scratch and I feel overwhelmed. The only things I can tell you is right now I have a twin bed, but I will definitely be upgrading to a queen in the near future. Time for a big girl bed. Also, I'll be shopping at IKEA.


Elise said...


Furniture is expenseive, I know. But in their catalogs they have this new thing called "Soultions for Small Spaces" or something like that. Just steal their ideas & get the items cheaper somewhere else. It would be perfect! Go to the store & pick up a copy of the catalog, so you don't have to wait for it to be mailed to you.

Elise said...

Here is the link for their small spaces page. It doesn't do it justice though, because you can see the room better in the catalog & they give you tips & ideas.

Elise said...

Are you allowed to paint?

katherine shumway said...

I think the first step is to find something you love. Go to IKEA and look at the bedspreads or some other big item and build off of that.