Monday, August 20, 2007

Okay, I know, it's been a while since I've blogged. The truth is, there hasn't really been a whole lot of blog-worthy happenings lately.
Here's a recap of the last week:
  • I finally tried Pinkberry. I thought it was, alright, definitely overrated. I think I might love it more as I go more often, but still, it's not even in the same league as Golden Spoon. But I will still keep going considering my love for fro-yo, and for low carb meals.
  • I saw my first hooker (actually on my way to Pinkberry.) I felt really bad for the girl and wondered where her family was.
  • I went to the Barney's warehouse sale. Didn't find a thing. This reaffirmed my belief I'm a boutique shopper. I know there's amazing bargains at places like Century 21 but it's usually my friends that find these deals, not me. Plus I don't have enough patience to fight the crowds and wait in line for twenty minutes just to use a dressing room. Occasionally you might find me in Nordstrom Rack, but that's about it.
  • My dad's going to be out here again next week for business and obviously I'm so excited. He's a total hater but has been really wanting to go to a Yankees game with me. Every time he's been here they've been on the road so we were so excited to find out not only are they in town, but they're hosting the BoSox! What a game! I couldn't be more excited.
  • My mom is also coming into town. She'll be here over Labor Day weekend. I am so excited to take her around the city and have her experience my life here. We will have a blast I'm sure.
  • I saw the Simpsons Movie Friday night with Chelsie, Mike, Steve, and Jordan. I thought it was really funny.
  • It took me over an hour to get to church Sunday. I waited 15 minutes for the bus, took it to 125th and waited 20 minutes for the subway, took it to 168th, then took the shuttle bus to Dykeman Street. I am hating on public transportation right now.
  • My best friend Cindy's little brother Richard got engaged! I've known Rich since he was "Richie" and about 8 years old. So crazy! Way to go!
  • I spent Saturday going through my apartment with my roommate Sarah, getting rid of everything in the apartment left behind by past roommates. It was such a great feeling to de-clutter the place. It was long overdue.
  • My friend Becky Block is coming out this weekend. I am so excited! We always have a blast together. She'll be flying standby so I'm hoping the flights are open!!
  • In horrible news, my work officially blocked blogger. So lame! Last Friday I'd noticed I could still check blogs, but I couldn't post, and I couldn't comment, and a lot of pictures wouldn't show up. This morning I went to check in on all my friends and blogger is 100% unavailable! I'm so annoyed. No email and facebook were bad enough, but now they've just added insult to injury. Come on, I'm not going to do any insider trading! I don't even know what that means!!! :(
  • Lastly, I'm hoping I'll have some very exciting news to post in the next couple days...I can't say much about it now, but everyone keep your fingers crossed...


Elise said...

You're Alive! I think this is the longest you have gone without posting, ever. Sad about the blog getting blocked. I try not to look at them during work either, for that same reason. Sure it's safe now, but who knows once IT is on to you....

I'm sad that all of these people are coming out to visit. We want to come so badly, I just don't know when we will be able to. Maybe springtime. Crossing my fingers.

Lauren Kristine said...

aww... richie's getting married. i was just telling my husband the other day how richie was one of the nicest boys growing up and i wondered how he was doing.

Missy said...

What is the exciting news? And they blocked blogger? That's terrible!

What do you do for work?