Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Can you see my knickas??

Am I the only one who is totally bummed there're no more of these? I set the dvr to "record entire series" only to find out it was just a one time thing! I am seriously so sad because I thought this show was HILARIOUS! Not that I was a hater before, but it totally made me love Posh. She is so funny, and can totally make fun of herself, talking about how she must look miserable in all photos and never be seen eating. I loved when she totally confronted Perez Hilton. I also thought she was very classy, when she went to her neighbor's party to try to make some girlfriends, and totally wouldn't talk about money.

I know, I know, I KNOW it's a show and not reality, but still, I think you can tell a little bit about a person. I refuse to believe it was all an act. I saw Spice World, she's not that good of an actress.

Anyway, I'm depressed.

At any rate, welcome to America Becks and Posh!!!

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katherine shumway said...

I seriously love Posh too! She's hillarious. I'm glad I saw a tid bit of the show because I always thought she was this stuck up Brit until I saw it. It was hillarious.
I too am soooo glad you feel the same way about Twilight. EVERYONE is seriously obsessed with it. Why? Let's just stick together and not read the second. If I hear about how perfect Edward is one more time I might throw-up.