Monday, August 13, 2007

Cindelle & Raquel: 1993-forever

So I mentioned a couple posts ago that it was Cindy's and my 14th anniversary last month. Cindy was my very first friend when I moved to California when I was ten years old. My family moved out in the middle of the week during the summer time so church on Sunday was my first opportunity to meet some people my age. We went to church and I really don't remember anything about that day other than when I went to Sunday School we were playing some sort of game. Cindy came up to me and said, "Hi I'm Cindy Brown but you can call me Brownsie. Wanna be on my team?" From then on we became inseparable.
When the time for school came around we were so excited to see that we were in the same 5th grade class. We had Mrs. Quijano, and I only remember how to spell her name because we made up a song, haha. Remember Cindy? "Q-U-I-J-A-N-O. Q-U-I-J-A-N-O. Q-U-I, Q-U-I, Q-U-I-J-A-N-O."
The next year we were even more excited to find out we both had Mr. Johns, the coolest 6th grade teacher. We had a blast that year ruling the school as the oldest of the upper graders.

Next we were on to Rancho Santa Margarita Intermediate School. I was bummed to find out that I was in Village One and Cindy was in Village Four, along with our other close friends Jessica Lang and Julie Conkey. We still remained best friends though.
We rounded up junior high and then headed off to Trabuco Hills High School together. We went through some crazy times in classes, seminary, young womans, and everything else high school brings on. I remember the fun times learning how to drive and date. I remember sharing first kiss stories, and staying up "so late" one night my parents went out of town and left me alone senior year. I remember ditching out on "lame" activities to go get food, just because we could drive. I remember wasting so much gas in Cindy's car Roxy just driving around listening to music and laughing. We worked at Golden Spoon together (Cindy was a MUCH better worker), ditched out on Sunday School together, and went to dances together.

We always had the best time rooming together at EFY in the summer. We would stay up all night laughing. We always made cute shirts that said CALIFORNIA GIRL and lived up to the reputation.

We finally graduated and headed off to BYU-I together. We lived together in the Perkins Hall dorms and had the best time. We loved making movies, sledding down our little hill on Cindy's boogie board, thinking up creative things to put on the whiteboard, meeting cute boys, and of course watching FRIENDS.
After freshman year Cindy married the most awesome guy Jake Robinson, Jakie-Pie as we like to call him. I was so sad to be losing Cindy as a roommate, but so happy she'd found such a great guy to share her life with whom I adored.

Since she's been married our lives have gotten progressively more and more different, however none of this has ever changed the fact that we are best friends. We still love to get together for eggs on toast and some good gossip.

Cindy is honestly the best friend I have ever had. She would do anything for you, and never expects anything in return. She is so unconditionally supportive. She is the kind of person that is there for you no matter what. She's a friend through all seasons. She is so understanding and patient. She defines a true friend. I know I could call her at any time and she would just listen to me and never be judgemental. She is absolutely wonderful and I am the luckiest person to have her to call as my best friend.
I love you Cindy-loo!! Happy anniversary. Thank you for being so wonderful. Here's to 14 more years, and then 14 more, and 14 more, and so on, and on, and on!!

Since most of my pictures are back home in California my options were very limited. We definitely have some horrible pictures of some extremely awkward phases. (Strange how it seems like that's when we did the most photo shoots, wish I had some more of those to put up.)
Anyway, I can't wait to just keep adding to the collection.

This is one of my all time favorites of us. We both know what I was saying here!! :)


katherine shumway said...

You two are the cutest, most fun pair ever. As you looked back to your days at Portola, RSM, and Trabuco I couldn't help but reminisce. I was such a dork haha. You and Cindy always tried to befriend my little self...thanks guys! Sorry I was such a shy bugger.
Ohhhh,on a different note, EVERYONE and their mom is reading the third Twilight book. I don't get it. I don't get it. I need to blog about this misunderstanding of mine. Can you tell me what Brenna said happened in two? Do you know what happens in three? I feel like I need to read them but I'm going to hate myself the whole way through if I do. Stupid Edward. Just in case you haven't heard, he's soooo dreamy. :)

Jake, Cindy & Blaine said...

LOVE YOU!!!!!ok, so you are so cute! i love you so first i was getting all teary eyed and then i thought.."so did i die or something?!" you are such a best friend! i miss you soooo much, just reading everything brought back soooo many memories! we totally have to pull out our old viedos when you come visit next!! i think one of my favorite pictures from my wedding is the last one that you posted, and it makes we smile every time...i will always remember what you said to me!! :) i wish you were here...california misses you, and so do i!! love you!! (so do we have an "official" anniversary date?)

Suman Family said...

This is a cute post, Rachel. I also have a best friend for life from Connecticut, we are "celebrating" 23 years! It's always nice to hear that someone else has had a great best friend experience too.

Lauren Kristine said...

aww... i remember you guys being so nice to me when i was a "baby beehive" at camp the first time. so... how have things been, neighbor?