Thursday, August 9, 2007

Saw this on someone else's blog and it looked fun!

20 years ago I . . .
1. ...was sad to be leaving my best friend Lindsey McCracken, along with the cul-de-sac we lived on in Kansas City to move to Chicago.
2. ...had hair down to my waist.
3. ...insisted on dressing myself in outfits that never matched, and changed 3-4 times a day.

10 years ago I . . .
1. ...was so excited for the upcoming year as a freshman cheerleader for Trabuco Hills High School.
2. ...visited New York City for the first time with my family.
3. ...was excited for my brother to go serve his mission in Morristown, New Jersey, but also sad he was leaving.

5 years ago I...
1. ...was driving around in my cute little white bug affectionately named HOPEBUG.
2. ...was making the decision that even though I didn't want to, I felt like I was supposed to go back up to BYU-Idaho (and boy am I happy I did!)
3. ...was so sad the Burns family was moving to Houston.

3 years ago I . . .
1. ...was just getting ready to head back to BYU-Idaho after an 8 month hiatus.
2. ...had no idea I was in for two of my favorite semesters of college, and wouldn't return to live at home again until I graduated almost two years later.
3. ...was working as a receptionist at TieCare Int'l, a place I still go back to and visit coworkers I adore.

1 year ago I . . .
1. ...was living it up for six weeks post graduation. I spent my time mostly laying out. The best part of the break was my first (and sadly, only) trip to Powell. That place is heaven on earth and I have every intention on going all the time when I have my own family!
2. ...was contemplating moving to NYC (we all know how that turned out.) :)
3. ...was feeling completely overwhelmed in the world of adulthood.

In the next year I shall . . .
...for the first time in my life, I honestly don't know. I have some goals I'm working towards, but I am also waiting to see what life will hand me. It's such a fun/scary mystery, not having my life on such a school-dictated time table.
Stay tuned....the blog will update!!


Jake, Cindy & Blaine said...

ok, so i leave for 4 days and i come back to a novel, that is your life! you have been blogging up a storm. i will have to read it all later, but looks like you are having so much fun. watch for an update on my blog...we just got back from the lake! so much fun. miss you! love you

Lauren Kristine said...

uhm... totally copying this.