Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy birthday Brad!!

Today is my brother Brad's birthday. I wish I could be in Boston to celebrate with him and Nadia!

Brad has always been a great big brother. I think my earliest memory of Brad is when we lived in Kansas and everyone else was old enough to go to school and I would be so sad because I had to stay home. Brad would give me quarters to cheer me up. I also remember Brad dressing up like Love Bug, the fictional creature my sister invented to leave me little toys and notes under my pillow at night. One day after my swimming lesson Love Bug and his little helper stopped by the house (Brad and Jason.) So cute. I was little enough that their disguises fooled me a little, but I had my suspicions.

One of my favorite times with Brad from when I was a kid was the short period of time we rode the bus together. I was in kindergarten and Brad was a big 5th grader. We were living in Naperville and May Watts hadn't finished being built so we had to take the bus to another school. Of course all the kids sat in their age groups but even at such a young age Brad was sweet enough to sit with me, and when he would decide to go hang out with his friends he would always make sure I was okay without him there. I remember feeling like he genuinely was concerned for my well being.

As we got older I watched Brad when he was in high school. He used to have all his buddies over all the time and I thought they were so cool, especially when they would let me hang out with him. Brad was always quite the ladies man and I loved being the little tag along with him and his girlfriends.

My favorite period of our lives so far though, has been when I was a freshman in college and he was finishing up at BYU. Rebecca was married and Jason was on his mission and this was the first time where we really got to know each other in a more mature part of life. For the first time we were in the same general phase of life and could relate to each other quite a bit. I loved going down to Provo to stay at his place, and having him come to Rexburg a couple times. I loved going to Puarto Rico with our parents (even though he still teases me that I didn't even see the place because I slept the whole time,) and the snow mobiling trip to Yellowstone.

I've especially loved the time we've had together since I've moved back east and how we're only four hours apart.

Brad is the kind of person that makes you feel better about yourself. He has a gift of speaking to anyone, whether they're his friend or a stranger, and making them feel like they are so important. He's always had a way with words, or as I like to say, has always been a schmoozer. :)

He tries to do the right thing, works hard, and is just a genuine person. He is absolutely hilarious, always cracking witty jokes. And who can forget his flawless impressions of those such as Bill Clinton, Tim McGraw, and Hank Hill, "Dang it Bobby!"

Happy birthday Brad. Live up this big year!! Love you!

(PS There are more pics to come...)



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sh & jh said...

Dangit! Brad's Birthday! I missed it. One time Brad mentioned that August 14th is the worst birthdate because for some reason or another it gets lost in the busy end of summer. So I made a mental note to never forget it...and look what I've done! Well I sure love the kid. It was fun reading your tribute to him. We miss Brad and Nadia a lot.

Rach! how the heck are you? I'm glad you found my blog. I'm headed back to Boston Sept 2. We need to do lunch or dessert or something while I'm here, right?! My sister is coming in town soon but let's meet up if you can.