Friday, August 24, 2007

71 Broadway: Home sweet home

It's official, I'm MOVING! I know, I know, it was just a few weeks ago I posted this and asked for your help on decor for my own new room, BUT, like they say, In a New York minute everything can change.

I don't have the energy right now to explain all the details (I know, since when am I one to pass up an opportunity for story telling?) but I'm too excited not to blog a little about my exciting news.

This isn't a good picture of the building but it's the best I could pull off the internet for now.

I'm officially moving to the financial district in one week and am so excited. A lot of people aren't too stoked to live in that area because it dies down at night, however I can't yet afford to live in areas of the upper west side or upper east side that are closer to midtown.

Some people have said to me, "Why are you moving clear down there? It's so far!" People say this because it really is clear at the bottom of Manhattan. It's the last stop for some subways before they cross the water to go to Brooklyn. "Far", however, is relative. I currently live 4.5 miles (9 subway stops) from my work, and my new place will be 3.7 miles (5 subway stops) from work. Like I mentioned, some people have commented about how it's kind of dead at night, and how I'll have to get on the subway to get to any nightlife, however, that is no change from how I live now, except the people lurking in my new neighbor seem a lot less sketchy than the people in my current neighborhood. Don't get me wrong, I don't live in the (total) ghetto, but am looking forward to a change of scenery.

I am SO excited about my new place. It has so many great things about it, basically all perks. The only downside is I will be going back to sharing a room, but that is IT. Remember a couple months ago when I randomly made a list of things I wanted (some more than others) in an apartment? Here, I'll refresh your memory:

Better location (closer to midtown) check!

Elevator building check!

Dishwasher check!

Own room

Close to a subway check!

Be in the 8th ward boundaries

A doorman check!

To live on a high floor of highrise building check! (sort of....only on the 7th floor but it's a highrise!)

Roof access check! (with great views of the Hudson River, Ground Zero, and the Empire State Building.)

Close to an express stop for the subway (pretty much every subway runs right there, so, check!)

So I don't have my own room but I'll be sharing with Sarah, with whom I've shared before, and I'm not in the 8th ward but I'm kind of over that anyways.

I'm also very excited because everything is pretty new as far as counter tops and whatnot goes. It used to be an office building but has been converted into an apartments. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention there's a nice gym and also a lounge with a kitchen, big screen tv, and pool table. It's located right by Ground Zero, very close to the NYSE, and across the street from the Trinity Church (not to mention a Tiffany's that's being built close by!) I'll be attending the Union Square ward, in which I have a couple friends and they say it's really great.

Anyway, I'm exhausted and Becky will be here early tomorrow-yay! So I've got to go to bed, but there's the basics. I'll post the story about how this came to be, and more details later.

I signed the lease today and I couldn't be more excited.


Kathryn said...

Oh yay. :) We lived right down the street for 2 years. You will love downtown. It really doesn't quite deserve the bad rap (although it IS quiet at night- but luckily you're next to every major subway line in NYC). You will enjoy:

1) Being close to Battery Park- a great weekend spot
2) Eating breakfast at Financier (on Maiden Lane). They have the best waffles.
3) Shopping isn't great, but not SO bad- We've got the basics. There is JCrew, Banana, Victoria's Secret... all within walking distance
4) The 9/11 Museusm at the WTC site is a must-see for visitors
5) Food is okay. Chipotle is close, Blockheads is close and delivers, and Roy's is nearby.

Anyway- you'll have fun. It's definitely not a bad place to be. I'm glad that you found something that you're happy with. Apartment hunting is such a hastle in NYC.

Elise said...

Fun! When do you move?

Rachel, I am kind of disappointed that you didn't go into great detail. That is your signature style. :o)

Lauren Kristine said...

that all sounds so romantic and adventurous! finding a great place to live totally rocks. i really love searching for apartments online and picking and choosing where to live next. i'm excited for you!

McLove said...

Hey Rae- So fab to hear from you. You seem like you are livin it up out there in New York. I am stoked for you! Scott and I are excited to be parents soon. Less than 2 months to go crazy huh? Well take care and enjoy the city. Love, Shellie