Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dear bed:

I have to write a letter of thanks and appreciation for the amazing job you've been doing lately.
Ever since I started out with just the basic parts of you seven months ago, the pillow top mattress and box spring, I knew we were headed for a beautiful relationship.  After I (hesitantly) invested in the expensive sheets I knew quickly after one night's sleep I did not make a mistake.  The body pillow definitely was an added perk.  
I've been really enjoying our nights, and often times weekend afternoons, spent together, however it wasn't until I got your new duvet cover that you really went above and beyond all expectations.
Since the bed has been made *almost complete our time together has been nothing less than perfection.  I have not spent one night laying in bed, counting sheep, and hoping to fall asleep.  Pretty much every single night, it's within five minutes (maybe less) that I roll over and close my eyes that I've drifted off to sleep.  Throughout the night I sleep peacefully.  No waking up, no tossing and turning.  I don't have to toss off the covers, or get an extra blanket.  I don't have to double up on pillows, or try many times to find a comfortable position.  I'm perfectly content until the alarm goes off.  And when it does?  I find myself in the exact same position I was when I closed my eyes 6-7 hours prior.
So thank you, dear bed, for making my slumber nothing short of bliss.  I often think of you during the day while we're separated, and am filled with excitement, knowing you're waiting for me at home.
I look forward to many, many more uninterrupted nights of sleep with you.
Love always,
*And I will get your matching pillow shams just as soon as my relationship with my wallet improves a little.


Jhope said...

This is freaking hilarious. Probably my favorite post of yours. I love it. I love my bed too, but I never thought about writing a love letter to it. Nice.

katherine said...

Your bed sounds waaaaay more welcoming than mine. I can't wait until I can afford nice sheets and a pillow top. Ahhhhhh, maybe then my slumber will go uninterrupted.

Trish said...

ohmygoodnessyoureadork. I love my bed too and often can't wait to get into it. One of my most favorite things in the entire world (yes, entire!) is a freshly made bed after the sheets have been washed. I love it!!

Jovi said...

It's my first time writing a comment, I guess I'm one of those silent’s readers.
So, the first thing I'm going to say it's that I enjoy reading your blog, very much.
And reading this post on a Monday morning, have make my day! LOL
This was hilarious... I've never seen my bed that way, hmmm; maybe I should treat my bed a little better. She is good to me too.

chiggidy said...

i love it.

glad i could contribute to your bed bliss.