Monday, October 20, 2008


Sometimes relationships are complicated.  Sometimes I don't feel the need to define things.  Usually I'm fine letting speculation occur because, what does it really matter?  I'm fine with people having questions, and when all parties involved are okay with people having questions, I'm really fine with it.  I even find it somewhat comical.  
That being said, I was faced with an awkward situation that just made me laugh, and Curtis as well.

Yesterday I walked into church about 15 minutes early.  There was a a decent amount of people in the chapel, but few enough that it was still really quiet.  I walked in and the first guy I saw was a really nice guy, who says hi and likes to chat with everyone.  Really sweet.  He's a little bit challenged, so he doesn't always follow social rules.  Our conversation went like this.

Him: Hi Rachel.
Me: (Trying to speak a little softer, as we're in the chapel.)  Hey (name) how are you?
Him: Good.  Hey, are you and Curtis still together?
(Keep in mind how quiet the chapel is, and note my friend is talking loudly enough for everyone to hear.)
Me: Oh, um, well, he's in Kansas City now...soo.....we're really good friends.
Him: Oh, well did you even discuss it?  Because I mean, you guys were a really great couple.
Me: Uhh, yeah, he's a really great guy.  Have a great day.  (Que my beeline to my pew.)

These are the moments that just make me laugh.


Trish said...

I think that conversation would have made my armpits sweat (they do that when I get nervous or embarrassed). I think you should have made up a really juicy story to tell him!!

Meggie and Russ said...

Hey, funny story, sorry I am one of those people asking you about boys and stuff!! I noticed you read The Secret Life of Bees...I am about to suggest it as the next book for the book club I am in at church...does it have anything I would be embarrassed about meaning I haven't read it and that would stink if I suggest it and then it has all this inappropriate stuff in it...Anyway, just curious, thanks!!

Steve and Rebecca said...

Oh, how I DON'T miss being in a singles ward for just that reason.