Thursday, October 2, 2008


Do you know those people who are always giving their two cents when you don't ask for it?  I have a coworker like this.  He/she is always glancing at my computer screen, asking "Who's that?"  "What are you looking at?"  "Whose baby?"  (Obviously when I'm looking at blogs.... when the pictures actually show up on my reader.)  First of all, quit looking over my shoulder all the time!  Ugh, drives me nuts.
Then I'm always getting the eavesdropping on conversations.  Granted, we sit very close together where I work, so it's pretty easy to hear others' conversations, but is it necessary to jump in so frequently and tell me how I need to solve my problem?  First of all, you don't even know the whole story, secondly, I don't recall asking of an opinion.
I have to be fair, and say I really do love this coworker.  He/she is so giving, and nice, and always helpful, and we have some really great conversations.  But you know those people who just sometimes think they get a free ride for saying something offensive because they totally didn't mean to be offensive??
So today I was wearing a particularly plain dress.  It's not the cutest thing in my closet by far.  It was one of those impulse buys.  I saw it on the way to the cash register and thought, That looks really comfy.  I wear it maybe two or three times a year.
When I walked into work this morning and took off my coat I was immediately complimented by a coworker.  I guess it can be sort of viewed as simple cute.
For whatever reason, however, every time I went into the bathroom (quite frequently these days now that I've upped the H2O intake) I looked in the mirror and thought I looked sorta fat.  At the end of the day I asked (a different) coworker, "Is this dress sort of unflattering on me?  I feel like I look sort of fat."  (I knew she'd be totally honest with me, and I was prepared for her tactful answer of, "Eh, it's not the best look for your body type."  This person is brutally honest, but definitely tactful.)
She responded with, "No!  I think it's really cute.  You look fine!"  Que offensive coworker.
"I don't like it."  (With negative tone, tensed eyebrows, and curled lip.)  I couldn't even help my response.  I immediately told her what she said was rude, and because of my reaction she felt she was entitled to be offended!  I was like, "Um, well I didn't even ask you and you just jumped in and gave your negative opinion."
Seriously, if you don't have anything nice to say, and you weren't even asked don't say anything at all!!!


Shannon said...

Ughh that is so annoying! I can't even believe that; how rude. You never give input on something like that unless asked.

Steve and Rebecca said...

Weird and annoying!!

Cyn said...

Did Sandra R. from TieCare/GBG move to New York?

Trish said...

Oh I can totally hear you giving that person a piece of your mind.

By the way, I scan my reader in the morning before I shower (around 6:15-30ish), so that's why you occassionally see really early comments from me.

Amanda said...

you GO girl! tell that tactless co-worker what's up. ;-)