Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So since the new iPhone came out I've been planning on switching to AT&T in November with my contract with TMobile ending.  When the first iPhone came out I really didn't care about it, but for whatever reason I've been really wanting the new one.
However, in a few weeks the new G1 will be released in the US, and you can only get this phone if you have TMobile.  I'm sort of torn.  I know there's a lot of TMobile haters out there, but for the four years they've been my provider I've had nothing but great service, good prices for plans, and friendly and helpful customer service reps.  I really have no desire to switch providers.
It seems like this G1 will really hold its own next to the iPhone.  One thing I like about it is there's a keyboard.  I hate trying to type on the iPhone's touch screen.  I text and email a LOT, so it's pretty important to me to be able to maneuver quickly on my phone.
I'm not really crazy, however, about committing another two years to TMobile.  While, yes, I love them, I just hate the thought of being locked in to two years of anything.  If I switch to AT&T do I have to sign a two year contract or one?  Anyone know?
I also like the thought of having the iPhone and not having to carry around my iPod in addition to a phone.
I'm a little nervous to go with the G1, as it is totally new, and what if it totally flops?  But part of me is also intrigued because I have a chance to be one of the first to get an awesome phone.


Thoughts?  And if your ideas are tainted due to hating TMobile, that's not super helpful.
Oh yeah, and, the G1 doesn't look as cool, I know.


Maria said...

I don't know the answer to the AT&T commitment, but I say stick with T- Mobile if you have had a good experience.

Jhope said...

I had a good experience with T-mobile until I canceled my contract. Now I hate those MFers. Mine was a unique experience so I imagine most customers are happy with AT&T. There is another option. Before you switch. Verizon is coming out with a touch screen blackberry in November I think. Verizon will be the only one with it. I like the blackberry and with the better browser, it should compete well with the iphone. Look into it. If you google verizon touchscreen you should find some stuff. AT&T has a 2 year contract for the iphone. NO exceptions. Verizon would allow just a 1 year contract if you pay more for the phone. Also, I still think the email doesnt work as well on the iphone. I know its supposed to be better, but not as quick as the blackberry. Finally, the g-phone is the first generation, so I'd be wary. Plus its twice as thick as the iphone and doesnt allow multi-touch on the touch screen. This is unique to the i-phone and allows you to zoom on webpages etc. If its between the i-phone and the g-phone. I say stick with the i-phone. But I'd recommend checking out the new blackberry first.

meggan said...

have you read my latest post??? it's like you're in side my head.....I recently traded in my blackberry for the iphone and I still feel a tiny bit sad about it. NO iphone complaints (it is much MUCH better for internet surfing), but I just loved my little blackberry. Anyway, the switch totally made sense for me because I have a mac laptop for work and an imac at home, so it's jsut more seamless to throw the mac phone in there.

Also, I am a huge fan of the whole google empire, but I have not heard great things about the g1. Sometimes when I'm bored at work and need a little entertainment I bring it up to my IT team and then just sit back and watch as they rip on it. So anyway....for whatever that's worth.

Nicole said...

Well, this is a random comment for this post, but I'm your Atlanta lurker! My name is Nikki, I went to BYU-Idaho and found your blog through a friend's. I never really comment because I don't have a blog, I just like to read them. Maybe eventually I'll get brave enough to start one, we'll see. Anyway, I just like hearing your stories about the New York life...hope that's not creepy!
-Nikki (I feel like I should leave some sort of communication tool...not sure why)

Trish said...

I love AT&T and my iPhone. I had T-Mobile for years and years and they suck. :) I'm pretty sure you will have to sign a contract, though with AT&T...isn't that how it goes with all those big carriers? LOVE the iPhone, though.

linds said...

I had tmobile and my phone was destroyed in the car crash. So it was about the same cost to swtich over and pay the cancellation. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my iphone. Besides the fact that I only get my emails every 15 minutes (which I need to learn to live with) it is a gem. And the typing is not a pain. I just use my pointer finger and it works. When I mess up it corrects my words for me.