Wednesday, October 8, 2008

1 Nephi 21-22

I've been struggling with the last few days of reading.  I always have a hard time with the "Compare with Isaiah" chapters.  However last night's reading was special for me.  It took me back to a time where I had my testimony really strengthened.
My freshman year at BYU-I I was really struggling with being happy, among other things.
I remember staying up really late one night (actually, that was pretty much every night) talking with my friends Jen and Shannon.  We were discussing the gospel, and what would happen in the millennium and I was expressing some questions and things I didn't understand.
After that conversation I finally got around to doing my BofM assignment for class, which was to read a through 1 Nephi 21.  Once I realized I only had one more chapter to finish the book I decided to just read it that night.
I was overcome with feelings when so many of my questions were answered at the tail end of the chapter.  It was such a testimony building experience, having the answers to questions I'd just been discussing, revealed right then and there.
Every time I happen upon this chapter it makes me smile, especially when I'm reading the Book of Mormon .

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