Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yes on Prop 8

My 4 year old nephew Ryan, doing his part.

So I have to take just a minute to mention how impressed I've been with all the effort put forth from the members of the LDS church (and probably others, I just specifically hear about the LDS since I'm a member) specifically my parents, sister and her family, and brother and his wife, toward promoting Prop 8.
I spoke with my dad for a while today and we talked about all the campaigning for (and against) Prop 8.  It's raised more money ($6 million) than any other prop (or measure....not sure of the correct term here) than any other in the history of the United States.  Pretty amazing.  My family and friends have given so much time putting signs up every day (that have been taken down during the night) making cold calls, contacting neighbors, and not to mention donating money for this cause.
I couldn't be more proud of my Californians.
I will admit when I first learned of Prop 8 I struggled with how I felt, however after researching it I've come to realize that I truly am for it.  I strongly encourage anyone out there who does not know where they stand, or doesn't understand what exactly Prop 8 will do, to really look into it.
There's a really great video on Youtube that explains what will happen should Prop 8 not pass.  I encourage you to watch it.


Liese said...

things are pretty crazy here in Utah. All of the CA residents have been making calls and even doing alot of stuff on BYU campus to make sure all CA voters are participating. Its a pretty cool thing to be a part of. Its nice to be proud to stand up for something so important

Trish said...

Interesting video. I don't think being gay is a "lifestyle choice" but that's my opinion. I think you're either gay or you're not. I'm pretty neutral on the whole prop 8 thing (and since Texas is REDREDRED I don't think we'll go down that road for a while), but I do know a couple who has been together for 12 years and recently got married in CA--so if Prop 8 is passed their marriage will be stripped from them. It's an interesting topic...

Cyn said...

Rachael, I've seen their signs all over Lake Forest and my heart jumps for joy each time I see them. They're everywhere. I didn't know who was doing it but I applauded them. Tell your folks thanks for their perseverance. Cynthia