Thursday, October 25, 2007

To answer Elise's question...

No, I can't post at work again, I've just been abusing the priviledge of the Jamaican IT man who flirts with me and lets me use his laptop at work. There was an awkward moment, however, when I went into his "my pictures" file to upload some of my own and I stumbled upon porn!! (I was sure to delete my photos after I used them!)
PS Di-this reminded me of your hilarious parenting antics....hahahahahahahhaha, I crack up just thinking about that story.


Elise said...

Yes, I love that you answered my question in its own post.

A little Deb-ism for you... "Its all about who you..."

PS- I love the new updates to the blog sidebar.

Diana said...

I'm so glad you still think of me and my parenting skills. Got to love teenage boys!!!