Friday, October 26, 2007

More pictures from the fire

Here's some more pictures from the fire. These were taken from the backyard of our neighbors directly across the street, Mike and Dana. They have one of the only houses that doesn't have a fence between their backyard and the canyon, so the firemen used their place as a hub.

The flying embers. Scary!

This one is from the side of their house. You can see the fire truck and then the house across the street is my parents'.

So scary.

There's Mike and Dana.

Watering down their deck. This is what most people were doing to keep everything wet so the embers wouldn't catch fire when they landed.

This one looks like hot lava.

After seeing these photos I am convinced it was a miracle our houses were saved. I am so grateful for the fire fighters who came out, and all the neighbors who came together to help out.

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linds said...

It was definitely a miracle. I think it was a blessing from heaven b/c of all the wonderful people that live on that street!