Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pictures from the fire

My neighbor Brian Andre took some pictures and emailed them out. These are just a few of them. Seeing the pictures really puts into view what my parents were trying to explain to me. Seeing the pictures is so scary, I really can't imagine having been there. I don't think I could have believed our houses weren't going to be eaten up by the fire. Brian sent the pictures in a timeline, which illistrated very clearly how the fired crept closer and closer, as the hours passed.

This picture shows the line of fire creeping up towards our street.

Brian took this standing on our side of the street. That is his family's house pictured.

This is at the bottom of Glenn Ranch Road. You drive up that hill to get to my neighborhood. You can see the line of fire. As it progresses up the hill it gets closer to the top, which is where our homes are located.

This picture is taken of Foothill Ranch, our neighboring community. It is within the boundaries of my high school and ward so I know many people who live there. Notice the size of the flames compared to the houses. A lot of my friends had to evacuate.

Everyone has been complaining of the smoke in the air. I can see why. In the middle of the picture, a little to the left you can see a little speck. That's a helicopter; kind of gives perspective on all the smoke.

I'm told the heat was so intense, and the sound of the fire was so loud. It was compared to jet engines. I just can't even imagine..... We're now being told the area burned was within 30-50 feet of our homes! Luckily, there were firefighters in the backyards of about every other house, and fire engines about every 3-4 houses. Not to mention, our very own Tony Dominguez, a fire captain for the LAFD! He hooked up two fire hoses to his pool and Erik Larsen, our next door neighbor, took charge of the other hose. The silver lining in disasters is seeing everyone come together to help.

I think this is the scariest picture. That is the Andres' house again. The "snow" you see is actually falling ash. It has been raining ashes for days. I know I keep saying this, but I really can't imagine seeing this in person.


Elise said...

Those pictures are insane! I couldn't believe all of them when you sent me that email.

Can you post at work again?

Diana said...

Thank God your family is alright and their house was spared!
Take care Hope family!