Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mac predicament

Okay, sooooo, I have to admit, every time I've used a Mac I feel like they're kind of slow. Everyone who's a Mac user says they're not, sooo, is something wrong with me? I really don't want to buy one if it's going to be slow. (Also, will I ever be able to get past not having a right click? I love the right click. I need the right click.)


Elise said...

That is weird that you think they are slow. Ours is really quick. What about it do you think is slow?

About the right click: At first I thought it was totally annoying to not have it, but then I got used to it & didn't even think about not having it. Then, surprise, surprise, Jason, the electronic wizard, made our Mac mouse have a right click. He can probably tell you how to do it for yours. Seriously, how does he know how to do all these things?! When we were at your parent's house this weekend, he set up the TV downstairs so that it can record TV shows onto VHS. I don't know how comes up with this stuff, but he never ceases to amaze me.

Elise said...

About the TV, I just realized that it is easy to set your VHS up to record a show, but he did it TiVo Style, where you go to the TV Guide channel and click on the shows you want it to record & it always does it.

Cathi said...

I have to echo elise- i've never experienced the slowness you speak of. Also, its super easy to set your mouse to have a right click. If you're using a laptop without a mouse all you have to do is press CONTROL when you click- whala! Instant right click.

Rae said...

Good to know about the right click!
Okay so I've only used two Macs (on more than a couple occasions) and I feel like when I'm browsing the internet going from page to page is slow, and it's not the intenet connection because mine always worked fine. :(
It won't keep me from buying a Mac, just wanted to see any suggestions.
Thanks guys!

linds said...

So sorry to spoil it for you. Now, at least you know that you'll need a box of tissues to help you get through the episode. So sad. :(

Shannon said...

So I have a macbook and Mitch has a vaio and really you just need both. The mac is way faster (for us anyway) with visual programs and web apps. However when it comes to using Microsoft programs like Excel and Word, it's a lot slower. And doing Excel on a mac is just a nightmare. So I use his laptop for those programs. But if you're not a spreadsheet nut, they're great... or if you like to make really cool home videos and/or a photo montage.

Mark said...

They're so not slow. And, yes, you can right-click. I've helped so many people get up and running on Macs who didn't think they would like it. All it really takes is for someone to sit down with you for a few mins and say, "This is the equivalent of the Start bar. This is how you right-click. This is how you install an application."

Email me or give me a call and I can totally answer any questions you have.

Too bad I don't get paid by Apple.