Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Still taking advantage of the IT guy's computer....

Welcome to my new(ish) apartment! I finally took some pictures and was inspired by Katherine's informative post about her new apartment, so here it is! I hope you will enjoy the walking tour.
When you walk in the front door (there's no label but it's to the right of that framed mirror) and turn to the right you see this long hallway.

When you walk down and turn left you will see our little kitchen (actually pretty good for NY standards.) Here is Chelsie pretending to cook. :) Please notice the dishwasher. Yay!

Then if you pass the kitchen and continue down the hallway you'll wind up in our living room/eating room. (The kitchen table and chairs are to your right.) Here we have Sarah enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon movie. The couch she's laying on lays down flat into a queen size futon, and the red couch pulls out into a sofa bed. Come visitors, come!! Please notice the window...you'll see the view in a second.

Now I was standing by the couch, where Sarah was. She's enjoying watching Transformers.

Here's the fun view from the eating area, into the kitchen.

Here's the view out of that window. Pretty much just buildings in construction phase, BUT there is that space where you can see the Hudson River. Every day when I come home from work the sun is setting and the sky is gorgeous and the water is shimmering. It lets a golden glow into the apartment and I love it. At night it's all lit up. One night I saw a cruise ship going by. That is the general direction of the Statue of Liberty and if those buildings weren't in the way we'd probably see her. (When I'm walking to the grocery store just a couple blocks I can get a shot of her.) That area of land you see on the other side of the water is New Jersey.

Now we're back at the front door. This is as if you'd just walked in and looked straight ahead.

This is my and Sarah's bathroom. There's like, zero counter space, and only the cupboards that you see, no drawers. I bought shelves and we make do. Gotta love New York and the limited storage.

Okay, let me state that our bedroom is totally crammed, totally thrown together, not cutesy at all. Nothing matches or even really fits (especially that black chair to your right that protrudes out.) But there's just no storage so we just make it work for now. ONE day I'll be able to afford my own place and fabulous matching, nice, everything. This picture was taken as if you walked in and are looking to your right. That's my bed, and general area.

This is taken from the other angle, standing in front of the closet. Sarah was in the middle of doing laundry, so don't judge her mess, haha. That window you see is actually pretend and doesn't go to anything. (Our building used to be an office building, and it's a law that every room must have a window so it's just for looks.) It's really great for sleeping because at any time of day the room is pitch black so you sleep pretty well, but it's rough getting up in the morning.

This was taken while I was sitting on my bed. Like I said, pretty cluttered. I do my best to find homes for things, but it's seriously difficult. Obviously I'm in dire need of Oprah's designer cutie-patootie Nate Berkus to do a makeover. No decorating skills + no space = my bedroom.

Now, we're back standing near the front door. If you turn to your left you'll see the other girl's rooms. This was originally one big bedroom, but that wall was built and it's converted into two. Betsy's room is the first, and as you can see you walk through it to get to Chelsie's room, and their bathroom is attached.

I hope you've enjoyed your trip through my apartment. Like I said, the decorating could use some help, but we're poor and living in Manhattan. Just takes some time. :) I absolutely love it. I'll post some pics of the neighborhood soon!


Elise said...

Cute place! I love the cutout from the kitchen, so you can see into the living room. It is more spacious than I expected.

Why don't you have your giant Jack Bauer poster on the wall in your bedroom like you used to in Rexburg?

Steve and Rebecca said...

Wow!! Your place is AWESOME!! How in the world did you get all the words on the photos...very cool!

Rae said...

Elise-I totally cracked up about the Jack Bauer comment. You have the best memory.
Rebecca-I opened the picture with Microsoft Paint and made the additions.

Lauren Kristine said...

it's so cute! i love seeing what other people's homes look like.