Monday, October 8, 2007

I miss blogging :(

Okay, a quick post to catch you all up to speed. I have the day off today (thank you Christopher Columbus!) and I'm borrowing my roommate's computer.
It's been decided, I'm going for a Mac!! I went to the cool glass Apple store and talked to a techie man who showed me what kind of macbook I should get, and also filled me in (I'd also been told by my brother Jason) that Apple will be updating something with their programs, or whatever, in Nov, so I should really wait until then to buy something. SOOOOO, yes, it's going to be another MONTH before I can really start posting regularly again! So sad.
I have so so so so much to catch up on, here's a rough draft list:
  • My mom's birthday post! I feel so sad I didn't get to give my mom the proper bday shout out on 9/19...I'm such a horrible daughter.
  • My mom's trip out to NY, which was also combined with a trip from Brad/Nad.
  • My trip to Vegas and home.
  • My first experience in a corporate layoff (I was safe....phew.)
  • My dad's trip out (just business but he came into the city for few hours.)
  • My trip to Wyomissing, Penn this last weekend.
  • My new apartment/neighborhood.
  • My fabulous experience watching a movie filmed.
  • Erin's trip out (and eating at Justin Timberlake's restaurant.)

I'm sure there's more, my boss met George Clooney the other night. Ran into him at Nobu 57. Chatted it up for a minutes. Jealous?? Yes, very much so.

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