Saturday, October 20, 2007

I hijacked my roommate's computer because I had to show everyone this...

I have felt so much Halloween love the last two days! Yesterday when I got to work there was an adorable little Halloween basket with my name and candy in it. The wife of one of the guys I work with/for made the cute little baskets for a couple of the other assistants and me. I thought it was so sweet! For the most part, being an assistant can be a pretty thankless job (unless you work for my wonderful boss) so it was great to know someone else out there thought about us!
Then, this morning I went to clean the church and then had Enrichment and came home to this little package from my adorable sister-in-law Elise! (Well, it was signed from Jason too, who I know cares about me, but let's be honest, I know Elise was the baker and sender of the cute package.) There was a yummy pumpkin loaf inside! It was so delish and held up perfectly across the 3000 mile trip to my apartment! It literally tasted like she'd just baked it! Thanks so much Elise!
Then, the mail came and my cute Grandma Hope sent me a Halloween card with $5. Love her for still thinking of me. What a doll.
Thanks everyone!
PS Yes, I just realized my address is in the picture.....but I've already posted about my new apartment and where it was located...if you're going to stalk me you can deal with my doorman.


Elise said...

Love Grandma Hope & the crispy $5 bills.

I am so glad the bread made the trip & still tasted fresh!

PS- I almost died laughing at your message when you said, "Yes I am Debbie's daughter and I leave the longest messages ever!" hahaha

linds said...

pumpkin bread sounds amazing right now. i need to make some of that (or maybe just buy some).

linds said...

Is your family ok? I heard the fires were really close to their house.