Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Halloween!

This last Saturday was the single adult Halloween party/dance in the Lincoln Square building. It was so fun! Here's some of the pictures. (PS Please excuse what looks like a protruding belly! That costume was totally vinyl/plastic-ish, so it wasn't exactly form fitting and not flattering in some of the pics!)

All ready to go!

The subway ride that took forever.

Delaware Taylor and me.

Taylor attempting to teach me how to salsa dance. As it turns out, I'm horrible.

My boys Scottie, Steve, and Mike.

Steve thinks he's a hottie. We go back to 2003 so I can just laugh at him and tell him he's not, haha.

A bunch of girls dressed up as different barbies. They were really cute.

Chelsie and me with our friend Jami, one of the barbies. What a doll.

Chelsie's about to tell me my fortune.

Yes, those are ladies' shorts they bought at DI.

On the subway ride home Chelsie was sitting next to either the largest asian woman I've ever seen, or a transi.....
The great thing about New York is public transportation. It was so fun being out and about and seeing everyone in costume. Sometimes you weren't sure if people were in costume, or if that's just how they really dressed. It was fun though because for some reason being in costume makes newyorkers more friendly. When walking the streets everyone felt the need to say hi if they were in costume as well. It was great!
PS For a FABULOUS costume check out this!


Steve and Rebecca said...

HOW FUN!!! I love your costume and everyone else's. You are way skinny!!

katherine said...

No kidding...skinny mini. You look AWESOME!

Steve and Rebecca said...

PS That asian lady?? She is way scary!!

Elise said...

1. Hot Costume! Seriously. Where did you get that suit?
2. What protruding belly???! Stop. You are so skinny!
3. I LOVE your shoes!!! Where are those from? I want them. Now.
4. That is funny that a group of girls went as different barbie's. I did that in high school once.It is a good group costume.
5. Way to be stealth getting the picture of the Asian person by pretending like you were getting a photo of your friend. Classic.
6. Thanks for the shout out to my costume. :o) I totally laughed when I read your comment that you watched it again and were laughing. No matter how many times I watch it, I always crack up. My mom is making my dad wear the bear suit to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters.

Jake, Cindy & Blaine said...

so cute!!! love your costume! and for look so good! just like high school too, but better! :)
the mud run was a 10k run at camp pedelton. we ran in mud and had obstacles throughout like a wall climb, we had to run through rivers, crawl through mud and tunnels, even run through tires like they do in the was so much fun. for some reason i have been thinking i am runner..what happened to me?! my friend even talked me into doing a half marathon, so we start trainning after christmas! i know, i am crazy!!

Rae said...

You guys are the best.
1) There's a store out here called Ricky's. I guess it's kind of like a Spencers. Everyone gets their costumes from there. The costume experience was quite tricky because it's so hard to get one that's not skanky. Everything that isn't is usually frumpy. It's hard to find a happy medium! I had gone to Ricky's but left empty handed because you couldn't try things on and it was all sales final. So I ordered a costume online (that was returnable) to be Little Red Riding Hood. It looked safe, but when it came it was too short. (Of course....did I forget I was tall or something?) So THEN I was going to be Amy Whinehouse. I did a test run and with the makeup and beehive it turned out really well. Friday I went to Ricky's to get some fake tattoos and saw the cat costume and bought it impulsively. I don't know what I was thinking because it's totally a onesie, and again, not returnable!!! I was very lucky because it worked!
2) The shoes are from this random little boutique in the fashion district I stumbled upon. I walked by the window (they were on display) then walked back, went in, tried them on, fell in love, but started to walk out (even after the guy knocked $10 off.) I didn't know if they fit in the budget. I didn't make it to the door though, I had to have them!!! I totally bought them and have been in LOVE ever since! They have them in cream too! They're WAY comfortable and the inside of them is purple! Kinda cute. I think they're still there. They were $80. If you want me to buy you a pair and mail them I totally will! Let me know!
3) Chelsie taught me that trick. It was random bc in the middle of the ride I randomly just said, "I'm going to take your picture." She was like, wtf. Then I showed her later and she was cracking up, hahaha.
4) Who won the costume contest at your work? Seriously, SO lame you didn't win!!!!
5) Sorry for the longest comment ever....maybe I should have emailed you? HAha.

Shannon C. said...

just two kittens...