Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day for the single and unemployed

8:29am (not pictured) Woken up (briefly) by a "Happy v day" text from my old boss. Thoughtful. Can't you pleeeeease get a job so I can work for you again??

10:39am Finally rolling out of bed. (No interviews today.)

10:46am Texting with Brad. Always good for a laugh.

10:57am Breakfast! I love Grapenuts.

11:57am Had to hop in a cab because my subway decided to change routs right before my stop. I had a 12pm appointment. I was cutting it close.

2:20pm Rose petals lined the halls and stairs of the spa. The winter has been destroying my skin so I decided to treat myself to a Valentine's Day facial.

2:36pm Mmmmmm rice pudding...

3:07pm Back on the subway, in cognito, thanks to nasty post spa greaser look.

3:31pm Finally! After living near Central Park West for six months I finally spot a celeb just strolling along. Hello Jeffrey Tambor, I loved you as Pop Pop in Arrested Development. Please let there be a movie? (PS He is very thin.)

4:08pm (not pictured) Received the following text from my quasi-Valentine: R we still on for tonight or do u want to maybe hang out another night this week instead? My response: Sounds like that might be better for you... This initiated a phone call from him, and then an awkward conversation with curt responses from me. Turns out there's "too much pressure" on Valentine's (he asked me last week, mind you, not the other way around) and I made it very clear that considering the newness of our.....thing.......there was no pressure and we could do something very casual.

4:12pm Treated myself to some Trader Joe's roses (and a DDP I'd been craving for hours) after reading about Elise's sunflowers lasting three weeks.

4:37pm (not pictured) Received a phone call from old boss who informs me he was called to discuss my time working for him, from potential future employer. (Yes! Yes! Yes! Best news all day.)

6:05pm While in shower, the power goes out. I'd just started sudsing up the shampoo. Proceeded to shower in the pitch black. I'm talking, hold your hand in front of your face and can't see it, pitch black. It was.....creepy. Especially because Courtnie was on her way over and I'd left my door unlocked in case she got there before I finished showering. Every scary movie I'd ever seen came into my head. Thoughts of every exboyfriend flooded through my mind, as I wondered if there was anyone that wanted to kill me. I really creeped myself out, and decided to skip the shave, for safety's purpose, as well as hurrying the freak up to get out of the creepy dark shower.

7:45pm Dinner at Harry's with Courtnie. Just what I needed. More soda and delicious mexican food. Thank you.

8:33pm Cupcakes and Bachelor watching with some of my favorite ladies. I'm not usually a Bach watcher (more like a hater) however, when it's shared with these girls it's so so fun.

11:16pm Came home to a Valentine from Mom and Dad, and another from my Huddy Buddy. Have you seen a cuter Valentine? This was the best part of my day.

This breakdown is a takeoff from a great idea Elise read about here. Basically, on the 10th of each month, take a photo an hour, for ten consecutive hours. I think this is so cute and fun. Since I just missed it this month, I decided to do it for Valentine's Day (sorta.)

As I typed about my day I can't help but think to myself, "Wow, what a great day! (Minus that whole date ditching thing...)" But, for whatever reason, today was a really rough day. I think it's mostly because I've been waiting on a job offer that was supposedly coming mid-week last week. Every day it was "tomorrow" and then tomorrow would come and it was, once again, "tomorrow." I sort of hate talking about it because I feel like I'll jinx myself, plus, once it's out there everyone always wants to ask, "Did it happen? Did you hear anything?" And it sort of sucks to be like, ", haven't heard anything. Still interviewing." (Seriously though, don't ask. I promise to let everyone know when I have a job. Thanks for your concern.) Have I mentioned I'm siiiiiiiick of interviewing? So sick of it. And now that I'm supposedly getting this offer I'm really over it. So all day I was feeling really frustrated because I keep expecting to get the call, but no dice. I don't know which is worse, waiting for a guy to call or waiting for the headhunter to call with the offer. Every time my phone buzzes I jump, and every time I'm disappointed. This is why, when I found out they're checking my references, I was so so happy.

I guess you could say the second half of my day was definitely better than the first. It was just one of those days. And I know, I was even sick of being around myself. I was walking down the street, enjoying what was almost like a spring day (50 degrees!) but just feeling so sorry for myself. I kept telling myself to snap out of it, that I have it SOOOOO great and when I think about the problems so many of my loved ones are facing, I feel like the most ungrateful person ever. But...... it was just one of those days that I couldn't shake the blues. At the end of the day, it still sort of sucks to come home and go to bed alone. All day I sort of felt forgotten to everyone but my former employer. And I know, I KNOW I'm being ridiculous. Like I said, it was just one of those days where my brain can't get my emotions in order. This is why, coming home to two sweet valentines really really made my day. I should also mention, my mom, dad and brothers did call later, which was mucho appreciated, whether someone put the bug in their ear or not. I appreciated the gesture.

Okay, tomorrow's another day. I promise to make it a better day. I have an interview (sigh....) and then am going to boxing in the evening. I love love love boxing.

Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you all had a good day and a better attitude than me.


Elise said...

I'm glad your day ended better than it started. And I loved seeing your day like this. It is a fun project, right?

Jealous of your spa trip, and the rice pudding.

Also, Pop Pop is Jason's least favorite character on Arrested Development. And in fact, we tried & watched two full seasons, but I just couldn't get into that show. Maybe I am missing something?

And! I find it slightly odd that there is a good Mexican restaurant closer to you than there is to me. Sure we have taco shops, but for good chips & salsa or enchiladas? Nothing close at all.

Janie's World said...

You are so real, Rachel. That is what I LOVE about you. By sharing your feelings and trials, you let others know that they are not alone in theirs.

You have an amazing life, but everyone has those days. I hope tomorrow is better!

Debbie said...

I agree with Janie! I love that you are real and share what you truly feel, honey! I'm glad that the day ended half way better than the beginning. Don't you love that valentine from Hudson?? I sure do!

Michelle said...

I LOVE Arrested Development. I really love Jason Bateman. There is something so attractive about him to me. I am pretty sure there is a movie in the works. I guess I could be wrong about that though.

I love you so much Rachel and I think you are so amazing! Everyone is entitled to an occasional pity party. No worries.

Don't judge, but I have never had rice pudding, and it just doesn't sound that good. But hey. What can you do.

My favorite picture is the roses with the DDP. Both of those are so beautiful. Then you put them together. Perfection :)

melissa said...

let's be valentines next year. I'll even come THERE.

Brooke Morris said...

At least you are getting interviews. I think that it would be worse if you weren't getting any at all, even though they suck. I am sure that things will work out perfectly.

And who know, they may already have because I may get to that part in 10 minutes.

NY Topper said...

I thought those grape nuts were bacon bits. Kind of relieved to find out the truth.