Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gaga oh lala!

Clear back in May Reagan and I bought tickets to see Lady Gaga. Feb 2011 seemed soooo far away. I usually never plan anything that far in advance. I think all my international trips usually have less than two months prep time because I just get too impatient to plan that far out. However, as time does, it flew, and before we knew it we were talking about what we were going to wear for the concert. We both had a bit of sparkle, but didn't go too crazy (Reagan had to work and I'm just not that creative.) There were, however, some seriously sweet costumes. We saw an old lady in head to toe silver sparkles, lots of crazy wigs, a bird's nest on a guy's head, and 12 inch platforms (and some very impressive walking in them.)
A lot of people like to hate on Gaga because she's so weird. I think maybe people think she's just trying to get attention or something, I don't know. Apparently she told Anderson Cooper she dresses the way she does because it takes the focus away from her personal life. (It's true, do you ever hear any dating rumors about her? Or see any "Stars, they're just like us!" photos of her in Us Weekly?) Regardless, yes, she is a total freak, but I still love her. I love her music and I love love love her message. Both Reagan and I agreed we felt so uplifted and good about ourselves after leaving the concert. She promotes loving yourself, not letting anyone making you feel bad about yourself, and never being ashamed of yourself, even if you are different. She had a lot of crowd interaction, which I love. I loved hearing stories about her growing up in the city, taking the subway, going to the Tisch School of Arts at NYU, and her dreams of becoming a star. She was such a great entertainer. She sang all her hits, danced her hiney off in super tall heels all night, played the piano (I love when singers can play an instrument) and even played the guitar with her stiletto heel. So cool.
One of my favorite things about Gaga is how much she loves her fans and how appreciative she is to them. I've never been to a concert where the artist expressed so much sincere gratitude to his or her fans. She seems to really truly love her fans and and appreciate them.
Reags and I had such a blast, singing and dancing the whole night. I am so so happy we were able to get these tickets (even though our seats were terrible.) We still had the best time.

My friend Tyson had an amazing view from where he was standing. I stole this picture from him.

Reags and Rae.

PS Reagan wrote a way better recap of the concert on her blob.


Michelle said...

I saw something, somewhere of her performing at a night club-pre fame- and she was brunette and beautiful. Her music is very catchy. I always love a musician so much more after seeing them live. said...

Very fun! I think she is trying to be kind of like Madonna was in her earlier years.....make a statement! I am jealous! I loved Madonna when you and I went to see her at Staples years ago! I'm sure Lady Gaga gave just an amazing show.

Elise said...

I want lady gagas legs. End of story.

chelse said...

Crazy. I was just talking to Ryley about her and saying I though you had tickets and wondered how it went. Guess i know. I will say I'm not her biggest fan, but you intrigue me about her. Also, every since our little drag queen show in San Fran I can never hear that song without a chill going through my body

Anonymous said...

Oh man she is so tiny!! SO JEALOUS you went. I love her lol

Brooke Morris said...

I am in love with Gaga. I love running with her on my ipod because it is so uplifting and awesome. I am totally jealous that you went.