Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's on your list?

I can't... 
  • wiggle my ears
  • jog for two miles straight
  • understand the appeal of going to bars
  • do that index finger snappy thing only guys and my mom can do
  • wait for the britney spears concert
  • get to work early every day for a week
  • believe how fast my nieces & nephew are growing up

I can... 
  • juggle
  • almost always get a cab
  • hang out with just myself all weekend & be totally content
  • cook pretty well
  • give good advice
  • play the drums on medium level for rock band
  • drive a stick shift

I won't... 
  • watch conan
  • walk behind someone smoking
  • go more than three weeks without a manicure/pedicure
  • remain calm if someone hurts a family member of mine
  • pay for others' alcohol when it's time to split the bill
  • fly when there's a layover less than hour
  • accept a first date invitation via text

I will... 
  • work out at least twice a week
  • stay within my budget
  • write more letters
  • try almost anything once
  • find my passion in life
  • eventually have my blog made into a book
  • go to the SaTC2 open casting call

I shouldn't... 
  • gossip
  • drink soda
  • always take cabs to and from the airport
  • give so many chances
  • watch so much pointless tv
  • complain about anything (really, in the grand scheme, what problems do i have?  i see blind people maneuvering the subway.)
  • say "freakin" so much

I should... 
  • kick bad habits
  • continue to trust easily and love hard (i'm convinced one day i'll be grateful)
  • throw dinner parties
  • dust
  • volunteer
  • be more friendly at church
  • learn to use my mac more efficiently


jon + jill said...

i liked reading this...i think i will do it when i have some time. :)

Elise said...

you're good at these & they are fun to read.

i think i am the least interesting/creative person out there & filling these out seems beyond difficult.

nerak said...

I like all your lists, but think I need to copy your 'shouldn't' one for myself! Time to set some goals!

maggie said...

This is great....I should do this. I have a lot of the same things that'd I put on my list too!

Michelle said...

I can't believe your mom can do that finger snappy thing. That is almost creepy! I need to see that!