Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Can't. Get. Enough.

Yes, I'm that aunt.  The one who thinks (knows) her nieces and nephews are the cutest in the entire world.  Yup.  
I'm headed to Bean Town tomorrow.  I just can't get enough of this curly headed darling.  I mean really, is there anything more presh?

I cannot resist her.

Mad loves the Pink Panther.

Not to mention this darling who's also irresistible.  Guys, she's single.  Be nice and I might introduce you.  (Or if you play your cards right you just might get yourself a Rachel sandwich.)
Can't wait to see you my favorite little New Mexican!

I feel like so much has happened but I just can't make time for blogging.  Remember that time I went to Australia three (three!!) months ago?  I'll finish blogging it soon.  In the mean time, here's what else has happened:
  • Duck Beach
  • Boston trips
  • Girls' weekends
  • I had a birthday
  • My love Megan Marshall got engaged!!! and asked me to be a bridesmaid (such an honor if you know Meg, she's got more friends than anyone I know.)  Can't even wait for June 2010!
  • Found an apartment-hurray!!
  • Dreamt up more vacations
Hopefully I'll have time to bloggity blog more soon.

Meg and Rae Jan 2007


nerak said...

Seriously, how has it been 3 months already?? Sorry I missed you in NYC, but things were pretty busy, as usual! Sounds like you are going nonstop as well. Haha, of course I don't hate you. But I really would love your pics!!

Kerry B said...

you had a birthday???? shout hurray!

always fun reading you blog. went to see *my* nephews this weekend and the oldest has a new girlfriend that looks so much like you! i was going to tell her that she looks like "my friend, rachel" but then i thought about how i couldn't explain that you were a blog-friend. that would just be pathetic and sad.

anyway, everyone deserves a "happy birthday" so, "happy birthday!"