Thursday, July 30, 2009


As I mentioned, I've been really loving, and taking advantage of the (sometimes rare) nice weather. As I type this I'm sitting in my new favorite spot.
Here's what else I've been up to lately:

Watching Vicky Cristina Barcelona with friends on a pier over the Hudson.

Britt & Krystal

Me & Rustin

Jamar & Candice

If you thought there were no gorgeous sunsets in the city you were wrong.

Then a huge group of us watched Jaws on the USS Intrepid. Rustin told me to act like a helicopter, so I spun with my arms out. Notice how there's no one around me?

With Britt.

Rustin acting tough.

Ed, Britt, Adam, Courtnie, Kristy, Libby

Before the movie started they showed a little informative movie about the ship. It was really interesting.

See that guy at the far right? After my helicopter picture he walked up to me with a stern look on his face and said, I kid you not, "Can you please quit messing around and acting like a fool?? There's people around." Wow. Remember my photo? Remember how there were like two people like twenty yards away?

Darling Haley Roe

Ashley, Ashley, and Colin

Dr. Dan


Elise said...

pretty sunsets! i wanna watch a movie outdoors on a boat. sounds fun.

Trish said...

I have never been to an outdoor theater! I love Vicky Christina Barcelona--now I'm going to have that music stuck in my head. :)

nerak said...

Why are outdoor movies SO FUN! I'm jealous. And I loved Vicki Cristina Barcelona, I thought Penelope was hysterical.

Steve and Rebecca said...

We have kid movies in the park every Friday night here...but how cool to be on a ship!! Awesome sunsets too!