Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm kind of embarrassed, but oh well

A few weeks ago some friends of mine were at the Barnes and Noble in TriBeCa and Lauren Conrad was doing a book signing.  I really have always wanted to know what kind of eye liner she uses so I met up with them.  But I never got to ask her, because I didn't buy her book and felt like waiting in line for a book signing without her book.  I did snap a few photos though, and watched her as she interacted with her crazy fans, and she seemed really nice.


meggan said...

Since you embarrassed yourself, I'll go ahead and embarrass myself. Lauren's make up artist has a blog (turns out twitter is both entertaining AND informative).

Mark Cosmetics: Get in Line Waterproof Liquid Liner Hook up in Painted Black


On The Edge Liquid Liner Hook-up in Cleo

...and I'd appreciate it if we could never mention this again.

Steve and Rebecca said...

I have no idea who this girl is...sad

linds said...

LC is Mark Cosmetic's cover girl. To be honest, any liquid eye liner would achieve her look, just do not follow the line down or your eyes will look droopy. I really like Lorac's liquid eyeliner. It's really black and goes on smoothly!