Monday, July 20, 2009


Lately I've been doing a whole lotta socializing and outdoor-izing.  July crept up and summer came with it.  But not just any summer, the most amazing summer any New Yorker could ever imagine.  With the exception of a few days, this summer has been filled with days in the 70s and little, if any, humidity.  It has be EXCEPTIONAL.  Things were a little rough for a while there.  Honestly I even felt like breaking up with New York a few times, but wow oh wow, New York has seriously stepped it up and now we're more serious than ever.  I'm just constantly happy because of the weather and my surroundings.  Like now, for instance.  I'm currently blogging via the free wifi at Battery Park.  I'm sitting on a blankee, with my bike, Diet Dr. Pepper, and a book by my side.  My view is the Hudson River, the Jersey City skyline, oh yeah, and the Statue of Liberty.  There's a light breeze, and life is basically good.  (Minus the asian lady who just plopped herself 6 feet away from me and hawked a lugie into her hand.  Yes, you read that right.  Way to ruin the moment huh?)
Anyway, I've been having a lot of fun, and not really blogging any of it.  I can't even remember what I've mentioned and what I haven't.  Did I mention I went to Boston for the 4th?  Did I mention it was great?  Did I talk about my birthday and how I spent 4 1/2 hours alone at the spa and it was the best decision I ever made?  Really.  Best way to bring in 26.
I experienced my first time at a New York beach two Saturdays ago.  I've been hesitant for so long.  I mean, how cool can the Atlantic Ocean really be?  And I mean, who PAYS to go to a beach??  But I went, and yeah, it's totally annoying to pay, but it was better than I'd anticipated.  I actually had a blast.
Did I talk about the woman who was murdered in a building which is basically a block away from my apartment?  Did I mention how when that awful thing was happening, I was mostly likely strolling right in front of said building, on my way home from a coworkers?  It makes me sick.  I was terrified for a couple days.  It's still very creepy, but I'm not as upset as I was.
This weekend was possibly the best weekend I've had in months.  The weather was amazing.  Friday night I organized a big group to go watch Jaws on the U.S.S. Intrepid.  I'd never been on it before so it was pretty cool just to check it out.  Lots of people showed up and we had a great time.  We started getting rained on about 30 minutes into the movie, and stuck around for a bit to try to stick it out, but finally baled.  In typical Mormon group style, we stood around for another 20 minutes trying to figure out what to do.  We ended up splitting up into a couple different groups.  I got into a cab to head downtown with a few other girls.  I have to say, it was the best cab ride I've ever had.  The driver was so friendly, and we talked the entire time.  He told us if we could guess where he's from he'd give us a free ride and you know what?  Libby guessed it.  Afganistan.  He asked where we were all from and after we all responded with various parts of the country he asked how we could be such good friends and how we knew each other.  I simply told him we met at church.  Then Libby handed me a pass a long card.  I told her I'd never given one away before, and she said she never had either.  I waited until the end of the ride and then gave it to him (and we paid anyway.)  I got out feeling so good, until about 20 seconds later when we walked into Libby's building's lobby and I realized I'd left my phone in the cab.  CRAP.  I've heard of others doing this, and they rarely get them back.  (Actually a coworker of mine found someone's iPhone in a cab once, and sold it to her doorman for $30.  I know.)
I had Kristen calling my phone but no one picked up.  I went to up to Libby's apartment to get on her computer to track down a number for the cab company.  I actually knew this guy's name, since we took notice of it when trying to guess where he was from.  I figured even though I didn't know the cab number, since I knew his name maybe dispatch could call him?  I got very frustrated very quickly.  I knew I was racing the clock because it was only a matter of minutes that someone else got in the cab.  Of course online I couldn't find any phone numbers, only "Email us your questions/complaints/reports of lost items here."  Awesome.  I decided to try my phone again, and he picked up!  He was only a few blocks away, so I went racing out the door.  (Oh yeah, did I mention I was still in my wet clothes from the rain?)  When I got to him I realized it wasn't my cab driver who had my phone, but a very nice, very cute, very Irish, Collin Farrell-type, who refused my many attempts to reward him with some cash for his honesty.  He simply wished me a lovely weekend and went on his way.  And you know what?  I did have a very lovely weekend, thanks.
Saturday per the usual I brunched with the girls, followed by wedding gift shopping, and mani/pedis.  Then Rachel Martinez came in from Boston.  She was starving so we headed to a great sushi place down by the water, with the Statue of Liberty view.  Colin and Britt met up with us and we had a great time.  I had just eaten but munching on the edimame was delish!
Then the three of them took off for the movies while I got ready for Kim and Ryan's wedding reception.  Libby and I met up and headed to the Arsenal in Central Park and wow, it made me rethink my San Diego wedding.  It was beautiful.  An outdoor venue, with great views.  The music was great, the weather was fabulous, and the bride and groom were beaming.  I absolutely adore these two.
One of the best parts of the reception was the favors they gave to the guests.  Everyone received a little white sack (like a brown lunch bag) with a note saying:

One of our favorite activities as a couple is to surprise strangers with a bit of hospitality.  Please continue our celebration by using this favor to do someone else a favor.  On your way home tonight, take the time to give this sack lunch to someone in need.

I know, right?  I choke up a little every time I think about it.  Only Kim and Ryan would think to take their special day, and make it about helping so many others.  Really though, if you know this couple it doesn't come as a surprise.  They are just good, solid people.  The world would be so much better with more Kims and Ryans.
After the reception we headed up to W. 104th Street (all the while looking unsuccessfully for homeless people.)
The party was awesome.  Jen really has an amazing apartment.  They have their own private rooftop terrace.  Everyone who was anyone was there.
Rachel and I finally headed out, and thanks to the slow train service we ended up on the same train as a huge group of downtowners.  It was great.  One of these people was Libby.  She and I still had not seen someone in need.  Seriously??  How is this possible.  Even when we had to change trains at Times Square station we didn't see anyone.  That never happens.
Finally we got on our train and saw a couple guys that looked like they could qualify as "in need."  We weren't positive, though, and felt a little apprehensive acting like, "Oh, you're needy.  Here's some grub."  Before we got off Lib said, "Let's do it."  So we did, and it was so great.  I walked up to one guy and just said, "This is for you."  And you should have SEEN how excited he got.  It really got me, and made me think I really should pack a lunch every time I leave the house because I waste an embarrassing amount of food, and there's people going hungry out there.  Thanks Kim and Ryan, for not just helping me help one person, but helping me change the way I think.
Sunday Stephanie Baker was in town.  Actually she'd been in town since Friday but with all the shenanigans I had Friday night I completely forgot to meet up with her and her darling fiance.  Luckily we could get together for a late lunch on Sunday.  It's always so much fun to catch up with high school friends.  She and Scott are getting married next month and I couldn't be happier for them.
After lunch I hung out with Britt for a bit, and then met up with a group who were picnic-ing at the park at which I'm currently blogging.  What a fun time we had.  We hung out for about three hours, talking, laughing till our sides hurt, and playing scum.  Four of the people in the group were actors, and honestly freaking hilarious.  I loved hanging out with them.  I felt so free to do or say anything and be a total dork and not have to worry about looking stupid.  It was so fun.
We ended the night by chilling at Libby's for a bit, and then I went home early-ish.
Like I said, fan-freakin-tastic weekend.
Alright, the sun is setting, and I want to enjoy the sunset instead of staring at this screen.
Pictures to come.  Soon.  I hope.  :)
Busy six weeks ahead of me....Rexburg for Chels's wedding, moving, concerts, and I'm sure more outdoor time.  :)


Kate McNeil said...

This post was awesome. I love vicariously living your busy life. And yes, this summer has been glorious. I'm so afraid to even talk about it because I think I'll jinx it. Love the Colin Farrell story.

Barbara said...
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Barbara said...

I will never understand why people choose to sit/stand/ or get on the elliptical right next to you, when there are a million other spots to claim as their own... ANYWAY love the sack lunch story. So sweet and thoughtful.

Barbara said...
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Barbara said...

Barbara is actually Nadia...
Dont ask

Brad Hope said...

I usually dont read epistles on blogs, but at Barbara's, I mean Nad's suggestion, I did. Well done...

nerak said...

I love Kim and Ryan EVEN MORE for the brown sac lunch idea. ADORABLE.

Stop having so much fun. It makes me jealous. :)

Debbie said...

I wondered if Barbara was really Nadia......LOL!!! Love them both!