Thursday, July 23, 2009

On my current wishlist

.helen ficalora R necklace. drill. ladies tool kit. yankees quarter season tickets.
slr camera. gold charm bracelet. costco membership. jeter jersey. black rayban wayfarers. 
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kimmy said...

thanks for the sympathy on my car! i hope the money gods smile on you a little more so you get everything on your wish list! mi madre works at costco so the fam has free memberships and it ROCKS! they have so much more than bulk food haha. i scored some sevens there a few weeks ago for $99!

Elise said...

you will love (!!) the helen ficalora necklace. i wear mine every single day & can't get over (still) how much i love it. it has been my favorite purchase in a long time.

i have a pair of knockoff blue raybans & i love them. i really, really want a pair of black (real) ones. there is a sunglass store in san diego that has them on sale for $75. i think once august rolls around & i start getting paid again, i'm gonna get them.

Reagan said...

Here is how you should justify spending money...
Ok, so I have steady worn my hf necklace almost every day since I got it. Dainty jewels are where it's at.

My wayfarers are so blasted dark that it is probably best for your long term vision to just go ahead and buy them in every color (I love my black ones, but I want navy too).

And last, one of my clients is the guy in charge of the yankee vip section and he has been wanting to give me tickets forever. I enjoy the games, but I'm not a humongous yanks fan so I haven't rushed to take up his offer. We should go!

Julie M. said...

Hey! So I totally lost that email you sent me about Chels. I did forward it to Glenda and the sisters, so hopefully something comes of it. We can't miss work and so we are going later than we thought. I'm not sure what's going on. I'm sure the family will do something small close to the wedding, and we'd love for you to stop in! I'll keep you posted!

yutomiyazawa said...

Hello Rae,

:) Sorry for butting in your conversation.

Will your readers be interested in a concert?

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Showtime is 2pm and tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. This is an all ages show.
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Yuto Miyazawa is a Japanese child prodigy in music, Miyazawa was born on February 21, 2000, in Tokyo, Japan and currently lives there with his parents. Miyazawa has been named “The Youngest Professional Guitarist” by Guinness Book of World Records in August, 2008.

He has appeared at the following venues, Madison Square Garden, the famous B. B. Kings, The Cutting Room, and Rodeo Bar in New York City. Yuto has also had the opportunity to perform at many summer music festivals including Gathering of the Vibes, Bamboozle and Kidzapalooza.

In May 2009, Miyazawa appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he performed Crazy Train with his guitar and vocals.

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Looking forward to have your readers on the concert day. :)

~Mae C.

Michelle said...

I love my wayfarers! So cute!