Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tuesday May 2nd - two miles

Last night was a quick run.  It was only a two miler and I had a friend in town I was trying to meet for dinner so I tried to just quickly get it over with.  The weather was perfect which meant the Park was packed.  When I was walking home through it after work it seemed to be the busiest it's been all year.
Typically I feel like I'm running at my usual pace or a bit slower, but initially I knew I was running fast.  Between the perfect temperature (66), all the happy runners out, being in a bit of a rush, and feeling energized, I was blazing.  I was surprised, however, at my first five minute check in when my app said I was running at a pace of 6:something.  I'd run 3/4 of my first mile in five minutes.  I decided to push hard since I only had a short run to see if I could finish the mile under 7.  That would definitely be a PR.  Sadly, my initial speed and the hill took its toll and I didn't make it, but I'm think my time for that mile was still a PR.
I can understand why everyone says you have to pace yourself in a race and make sure not to go too fast in the beginning.  I wouldn't have pushed it that hard if I was running more than two miles, but I can see how you could easily run too fast if you didn't make a point to keep your pace.
Mile 1: 7:07
Mile 2: 8:53 (Ha!  Almost two minutes slower, you can tell I was wiped out, and going uphill instead of down)
average: 8:00
total: 16:11
2.02 miles

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Trish said...

Holy crap that's fast! I'm impressed!!