Thursday, May 3, 2012


I talk about it all the time, I know, but I really really love the seasons here.  It's not technically summer yet but I snapped the photo on the bottom left this week and couldn't resist making this little collage.  These are all shot in the morning during my commute to work.  Only the winter picture has been altered with a filter, but the others are just straight from my iPhone.  I wish I had the original winter picture but I must have deleted it.  I wish I could put into words how much joy this walk every morning (when I'm not running late!) brings me.  It's overwhelming.  I'm so thankful both of my parents have been able to take that route with me when they've been here on various trips.  I know people say California has the best weather and in some ways it does, but I really truly love having seasons.  Even the hot muggy summer.


Janie's World said...

A friend of ours has a collage frame with 4 4x6 pictures showing their backyard through the seasons and I have always loved it. You should do that.

Trish said...

I would love to have a bit more distinct seasons. Your pictures are gorgeous but I especially love the summer one.

Michelle said...

While I agree that New York is beautiful, and having all seasons is the best; I have to disagree with California having the best weather. I love Denver the most. This is truly the best place to live.