Thursday, December 3, 2009

  • Today I saw a chick wearing a tank top when I was walking to work.  It was that warm.  Okay, it wasn't that warm, but she was wearing it.  I could have grabbed lunch without putting my coat on, and if it was sunny I probably could have eaten outside.  THANK YOU New York for not being totally freezing yet.  I know it's coming, but thanks for holding out.
  • I was supposed to be hanging out with my brother and sister-in-law in the city this weekend, but last minute Jason had to have his gall bladder taken out.  :(  Thankfully the surgery(ies) went smoothly.
  • In a random swing of events my friends and I are heading up to the Berkshires this weekend and I'm pretty excited about it.
  • Two WEEKS til Meg and G come out and I just can't even wait.  So excited for a three musketeers reunion in the big apple.
  • I was supposed to go the gym tonight, but I got a mani and pedi instead.  I need to work on that.
  • I've lived in the city for almost three years now and I still feel like pretty woman in the fancy restaurants when I'm taken out for work related meals.  Last night the host took us to our table and pulled out my chair and I sat in the other one.  There was an awkward moment.  I can't shake the white trash side of me that just loves Olive Garden.
  • Speaking of fancy food, today someone informed me as we mature some of our taste buds die, which is why children like simple bland foods, and grown ups like caviar and Mongolian food.  Maybe I'm not just so picky.  Maybe my taste buds are just so much more superior than everyone else's, and haven't died off!  Ha!
  • I got a Kindle, and I was so concerned I'd be sad about not owning the books.  I'm not.  I LOVE it.  It's awesome.  
  • Karen was in the city this week and we got to catch up over lunch.  Made me miss Australia.  She's my traveling idol.  She just got back from Brazil.  Jealous.  I just really don't get sick of dreaming of travel.
  • My roommates and I concluded it just really doesn't feel like Christmas in these parts.
  • The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting  was last night.  I noticed all the barricades on 5th Avenue and was so glad I did that my first year and never have to do it again.  So so so glad I did it, and the Halloween parade, and the balloons in Central Park, and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and rang in the New Year in Times Square.  They were all awesome and they were all exhausting.  I highly recommend going once.
  • I got an email yesterday from some random email address.  Some stranger decided to email me telling me their nasty thoughts on my religion and my beliefs.  Really nice.  It actually broke my heart.  Why are people so mean?  Why are people such cowards?  Ugh.
  • I got my sister's Christmas card today and my niece and nephew were too cute for words.  And so grown up.  I can't handle it.
  • Have a happy weekend!


Shauna said...

I was hanging out with Melissa morales this week and we got to talking about new york and your name came up....she told me that you grew up in trabuco? So do I, moved to northern California in 3rd grade. So random. I wonder if we knew eachother then? I wentto trabuco canyon elementary.

Anyways, I love these brain dump types of posts. I just did one on my blog and they are very therapuetic. Get the random thoughts out if your head.

Also I am writing this on my iPhone and I'm not spell checking it and there are bound to be mistakes SORRY!

Shauna said...
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melissa said...

i love our small mormon world. read my post/twitter. CAN'T WAIT. xoxo

Elise said...

Okay it was kind of warm? SAD! I was thinking that I was a good thing that I wasn't going to be braving the 30-40 degree temps...sigh.

Nadia said...

We are in T shirts over here. I LOVE IT! Christmas still feels like months away, I guess thats why Im so behind on all my shopping... We got Reb's card too, so cute!!

katherine said...

Our warm streak ended this week. Boo. At least we haven't had any snow yet--that's all I have left to hold on to. We got your Christmas card and it's adorable! Thank you thank you! I'd love to hear more about your Kindle. When more funds become available, Shane would LOVE to have one!

shannon davis said...

excuse me.... I am coming out in a week and a half? that doesn't deserve making the list?

nerak said...

So glad we got lunch! Anytime you're up for an international adventure, please call me. :) Oh, and I mentioned to my mom that the tree lighting happened while I was in the city. She was surprised I didn't go. I, on the other hand, completely agree with you -- def a one time thing! You put it perfectly.

Michelle said...

I woke up to -17 degree temps. YUCK!! I am glad to hear that you like your kindle. I was wondering about getting myself one, but I like the prices of used books better...... ($2.00 or so). And the email?! Really?! People are cowards. I mean really... Brush it off like dirt off your shoulder....