Thursday, December 6, 2007

Halloween in December

I just realized I'd mentioned about a month ago how I spent my Halloween, but then never uploaded the pictures.  
This first picture is just in midtown across the street from my work.  I was running to grab something for lunch and saw this guy just chillin, it was the funniest thing!  You can see his real legs at the bottom of the picture, and his hand on the right on the outside of the box, but that's his real head.  So clever!

The rest of my pictures are from the Village Halloween Parade.  I've been hearing about this event forever.  When people at work would remember it was my first Halloween here they would get this look on their face and with wide eyes say, "Oh yeah, you have to go to the parade."  
Here's a few facts about it:
So Chelsie, Sarah, Mike and I headed down to the Village to check it out.  It was a total zoo, but we had a blast.  Yes, this skeleton is wearing lipstick and a bra.  
*Disclaimer....some of the following images are suggestive....but I've kept the craziest pictures out.
That is genuine enjoyment if I've ever seen it, haha.

There were a lot of lame costumes since anyone who wanted to be in parade was allowed, however there were some really cool costumes as well, like this giraffe.

Yes, that's a guy...
Yep, another guy
I thought this girl was really cute, she was just dancing on the hood of a taxi.

Another guy
Check out the heels that guy in the gold is sporting.

Cute little Mini dressed up!
This one scared me.
This reminded me of the year Brad dressed up as a Telletubby.  Hahaha.
This was really creepy.  There was a huge pack of these people in their blank masks, slowing walking in silence, with black shirts that said ARREST BUSH.
That's Hilary Clinton with blood on her hands.  Obviously there were a lot of political statements being made.
Naomi Campbell and her maid.  These two guys reenacted the cell phone throwing incident over and over.
Another guy.  This was just as I was walking past to leave.  He totally posed for me.  Yikes.
We were on 6th Ave at W4 Street.

Al Gore with a blow up world.  Sorry the quality is so bad.
Obviously there were countless drag queens.
The skeletons again.  These things towered at about 15-20 feet.  They were pretty cool.
Happy belated Halloween!


brenna said...

Wow-- some great ideas for my costume next year ;) Looks pretty crazy!

Elise said...

Those skeletons are cool.