Friday, December 14, 2007

D&C 88....don't sleep late

Tonight I was reading my three chapters out of the Doctrine and Covenants and one of them happened to be 88.  I was quickly taken back to the seminary days my sophomore year when we were studying the D&C and all the cool combat rhymes (okay, let's face it, this one and "D&C 25....sing spiritually alive" are probably all I remember from that year.
But anyway, it totally brought me back to the fun carefree days of being 15 years old and in Brother Mullin's class (who was such a rad teacher by the way.)  I remember how we'd always add in someone's name at the end of "don't sleep late."  A lot of times it was mine, woops.  I can still hear the monotone, "D&C 88....." followed by the condescending, "don't sleep late....RACHEL!"  Oh man, those were good times.  Mark and Cindy, I'm sure you can relate.  We need a little reunion, and a little Hear and Hearken action.


Elise said...

Okay...totally random that you blogged about this.

Like 3 days ago Jason & I were having a convo about how we love going to bed early (weeknights we are getting ready for bed at 9:30 since we have to get up at 5:30).

Me: Its just like in the scriptures, early to bed, early to rise.
Jason: Does it really say that in the scriptures?
Me: Not in those exact words, but yeah, there's that part in D&C that says don't sleep in. I remember it from seminary.

meli said...

hahahha ohhhhhhh seminary how i miss those days

Ryan and Laura said...

I've joined the blogging world...and apparently too late ;) I always get left out of the good stories. I could tell you some random stories about Brother Mullin that I learned from my husband actually. Small world huh? Hope you fly home safe. We get to play in Cali for a few days too. visit my blog sometime. It's new and I don't know how to invite anyone yet but I'm learning. :)