Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I received two requests to blog more within one day

I've been SUPER busy.  I went out of town, and then I moved, and I'm about to go out of town again.  BUT, I decided to take a couple minutes to upload some photos from my super fun, totally unexpected night tonight.

A group of us from work went to hang out on my favorite loose cannon's boat down in Battery Park.  I always love anything that involves seeing Charlie, since he left the company about a month ago.

We ended up going for a ride through the Hudson at sunset and the views were basically unreal.  Photos obviously don't do it justice, especially since I was taking them from my phone.
I've never just cruised around the island (other than the Harbor Cruise last year, which really wasn't that fun.)  We had a BLAST.  Good music was blaring, great company, and killer views.

It doesn't look like it but we got super close the Statue.  Too close, actually.  We got in trouble.


Interestingly enough, we were parked next to Johnny Depp's boat.  Seriously.  Paparazzi had been camped out all day.  Also, I saw him on Letterman a few weeks ago and he showed a picture of his boat and talked about the name (VaJoLiRoJa, the first two letters of each family member's name.)  When we got back from our little spin around the island the lights on the interior of the boat were on.  Johnny was totally home.  :)


Nadia said...

I saw that Letterman, he was so cute!! He was my crush for the rest of the weekend - By Monday I was over him :)

Janie's World said...

That looks like it was alot of fun. A special time to be in the moment and savor the sights, sounds and friends.

I, too, have been wondering when you would blog again. You're blog is what inspired me to blog. I'm sad that you have all but abandoned it.

lynette said...

I am glad that you're back. I have missed your updates.

Trish said...

While I didn't request it I've been thinking it. Actually, I've been a bad blogger lately--have 350 unread posts in my GReader and will probably not read any of them. :(

By the way--love the favicon. What the heck is the B for, though?!?

Michelle said...

I know how it goes, I have been super busy here too. How do you like your new place? We love ours!

Ang said...

Can I just live your life for one week or so?