Monday, September 28, 2009

Friday and Saturday

This weekend turned out to be really awesome.  We were supposed to be in Block Island but a semi-last minute change in plans left us with an open weekend.  Friday night the girls and I tried out 5 Napkin Burger (loved it) and then met up with Whit to see The September Issue finally (looo-OVED it.)

Saturday we headed out to the dirty Jerz to do some apple picking.  It was a perfect fall, crisp, sunny day, a great group, and tons of fun.

Mikey Perkey


Steve gave Lisa a boost

My very first apple pick.

Steve doesn't go for low hanging apples.



I couldn't help myself.

Mike, Jenn, Chris, and Britt

We couldn't resist the Christmas photo opportunity.


meggan said...

"Smeyes-ing"???? LOL love it

melissa said...

i miss you mikey perkey and stevo. COME VISIT

Marcus and Amy said...

How fun is that? I would love to pick apples!

Michelle said...

Those apples look yummy! You should make Apple Pie with that.

Steve and Rebecca said...

Never seen those extension things before at any of the apple-picking places here...humm...must be an east coast thing. Hehe