Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I've been ridiculous

I've been a horrible blogger all summer.  For a while I was busy, for a while I didn't have good internet, for a while I was lazy, and for a while I just didn't feel like blogging.  I still sort of don't, but that blogger guilt always sinks in.
Here's a brief photo recap of what I've been up to the past four months:

Went to Maine with Mikey Perkey

Went to Duck Beach for the second year

Roomed with Rachel Martinez and played up "the Rachels" all weekend

And Carolina Mladineo shacked up with us too

Met tons of new peeps


Loved our houses

Went to Boston for this darling's first birthday

went camping

had a pajama party for our birthdays

bonded with our soon to be fourth roommate Libby

got totally spoiled by family and friends for my birthday

went on many bike rides

got creeped out by the size of the USS Intrepid

went back to Boston for the 4th of July/Nadia's birthday

went furniture shopping for our "new" place

headed to Rexburg for Chelse and Ryley's ridiculously emotional wedding (well, I heard it was that way in the sealing room, and I was ridiculously emotional when they walked out of the temple)

enjoyed the most amazing backyard reception and decided I'd never had more fun at any other reception

caught up with Becky (Block) Packard and Bishop and Sister Scrogham

fought back tears about 72 times throughout the day because of the pure joy I felt for them

got down with our bad selves

took a very nostalgic trip around Rexburg

hung out with Grandma and Grandpa Hope

and Grandma Marks

went on an awesome, impromptu, super fun ride around the island in Charlie's boat

took Linds (the EASIEST house guest ever) to the Bronx her first Yankee game

Still more pictures to come....maybe...if I get around to it....


Maria said...

You are better than me. It has been months since my last post. When did you go camping??

Michelle said...

I think you have been a great blogger. It is nice to keep in touch this way. The pics are great, and it looks like you are doing so many fun things! Love you rach and miss you too! :)

maggie said...

What a great summer! Love the picture on the couch! Duck looks like a beautiful place, love the house! Love, love, the statue of liberty pic.

maggie said...

oh yeah, and happy belated birthday! :)

Cyn said...

Don't beat yourself up re: the blogging. We are happy for whatever you have time to post. And, it's better to be living your life (as you obviously are) than to be writing about it. Thanks for sharing all the great "catch-up" photos.

Jamie said...

wow rach, you were on busy girl! your friend's wedding looked amazing!

Kris and Libby Brown said...

What? I've never met a Libby and your gonna have lived with 2? That's crazy!

Trish said...

What a great freakin' summer! And you're a better blogger than me--personally anyway. I've meant to post on the personal blog so many times and just forget. Dumb!