Monday, September 28, 2009

Yankees wrap up East with sweep of Red Sox, 100th win of season....and I was there to see it happen

So it all started when Brad and I were chatting about the upcoming Yankees vs Red Sox series, and threw out the idea of getting tickets.  Logan and I had actually been discussing this a couple days prior, and commiserating over the fact that tickets were so expensive.  I started looking at tickets on stubhub, to see if I could stomach the cost.  I mean, how often would the chance come along to see this match up with my brother?  Not to mention the fact that I haven't ever seen this rivalry play.  In the middle of this my fairy godfather happened to walk by my desk, and told me he'd handle the details and that I shouldn't worry about specifics.  I didn't know if it would actually happen but, it did.
Sadly, Bradialine had to back out, understandably, but that still left me with four twelfth row tickets.  Obviously I was going to take Logan since we'd been talking about trying to go to one of these games, and obviously the other two were going to my BFFs.
I was so worried and checking the weather practically every hour because a storm was headed our way.  Luckily it all ended up working out.  The rain delayed the game a bit and then it was only misty for a couple innings.  Then it cleared up, and even the last couple innings were sunny and warm!
Other than the one time I got to use our company tickets (which weren't even as close as these) every other Yanks game I've gone to I've sat in the nose bleeds or with the bleacher creatures.  I just couldn't stomach the cost.  But this time?  I was in heaven.  

My latest crush, Teixeira

Big Papi, for Nad

Oh Captain, my Captain

We were just enjoying the game when suddenly I noticed this silver fox...

Richard Gere!!!  I DIED.

The crew: Logan, Britt, Maria, and me

This guy's at every game, clanking on this pan.  He's missing an eye.  I don't really know the story here, but everyone was really excited when he came by and let people bang the spoon on the pan.

One of the super exciting, and super disappointing moments of the game was when a foul ball bounced in the aisle (which I was two seats away from) and then into the hands of a security guard who was standing in the aisle right in front of me (we were in the second section, in the front row.)  The guard was RIGHT in front of me, and I lost my head; totally grabbed his shoulder and begged, "Please!  Please!"  Everyone was screaming at this guy, hoping for the ball.  I thought I had a decent chance considering I had my hooks in him, however he walked over and gave it to some chick.  Lame.

The sun came out!

SWEEP!!  Loved this guy.

It was SUCH a good game, with the Yanks trailing 2-1 until the sixth inning when Matsui's base hit brought two home.  It was an exciting moment, and Teixeira's homer after was the icing on the cake.  I'll never get sick of the home run music they play, sort of like when they blast Enter Sandman when Rivera comes out to close.
These Boston fans were pretty smug until we took the lead.  I have to say though, they were really good sports, even posing with the broom after the game.

It was a bit of a nail biter, during the 9th when Boston got some players on base, however Rivera closed it out, and the bullpen and dugout emptied, and it was pandemonium.

There is nothing better than after a sporting event in New York when Frankie's New York, New York plays, especially after a win when high fives are exchanged between strangers and friends.

Spike Lee was also sitting in front of us, just after I snapped this photo I shook his hand.

And got to bang the pan!


You're welcome.


linds said...

LOVE the pics. especially of you and the girls. miss you all :)

William said...

Oh!! Photos are really great!! I like to buy sports tickets from StubHub... They provides always best offers!!

Marcus and Amy said...

Oh the Red Sox! We still love them despite them loosing terribly 3 games to the Yankees! It looks like you had a blast though and what an expierence!

Debbie said...

Denise is standing behind me right now and says she "OFFICIALLY" hates you! No more love for Rae, Rae!!!!! That should be me (Denise) sitting by Richard.....oh my gosh.....just deflated Denise's good day......better move to NY!!!

Nadia said...

Thanks for the Papi shout out - he and I go way back :)

Elise said...

wow - such great seats. don't you love the energy at exciting games?! so fun. i remember like 2 pads games that were like that. not so much anymore...

MJ said...

I have been thinking of you recently (so. weird. I know, sorry.)

But the Twins are playing this afternoon in a tiebreaker game with the Detroit, after they win. It is your team and My Team tomorrow night.

How do I say this...
I hate the Yankees.
Aargh. The Pinstripes.
I'm not saying...I'm just saying.
Nothing personal, K?

On a brighter note...
I am so happy you are doing well. We need find you a man already! Your mother. Is she adorable or what?! I loved reading your post on her, I was misty eyed while I was reading of your love for her! The best part-she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I am so grateful those kids have someone like her around. What a great example she is.

Did that help you to forget Yankees comment?

Hopefully the Twins don't break my heart tonight and I will be eating crow tomorrow.