Friday, August 14, 2009

Reason #732 I love New York.

New Yorkers are nice.
Remember that time the kind, gorgeous, Irish gentleman returned my iPhone to me after I carelessly left it in a cab?  That wasn't just a fluke.
I just dropped a pack of gum, gum people, on the ground as I was walking home, and a guy caught up with me to let me know and give it back to me.  Nice.
Then I stopped to pick up my dry cleaning, sort of dreading it because I hate paying for dry cleaning.  Neil, my new dry cleaning friend, was in a good mood today, and gave me 50% off.  Twelve smackers got me a clean button down, blouse, pair of pants, and a skirt.  Nice.
I'm off for a jog.
Happy weekend!


Brad Hope said...

I wonder how many unattractivec girls get their gum returned? Sometimes beauty helps

Jason said...

Could there be a correlation with niceness of guys to girls? Wonder what would happen if I left my phone in a cab in NYC???

Slice of Pink said...

Nice! I think New Yorkers are great, too. =)

melissa said...

HELLO you REALLY need to update. have you ever gone 2+ weeks without writing in this???