Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sweet and Sour

Sweet...went running (outside!) for the second time this week room is a mess

Sweet...I bought my tickets to go home for Christmas (Dec 21-28)

Sour...My favorite guy (other than my boss) at work left the company Monday-SUCKS!

Sweet...I was asked to take off work to dog sit in the Berkshires (and have my friends up, and enjoy the newly built pool) next Wednesday-Sunday

Sour...I'll be out of town those exact days

Sweet...I get to see friends and family in Vegas, Rexburg, and Salt Lake City next week

Sour...I've gained 5 lbs

Sweet...Chelse's getting MARRIED next Friday!

Sour...I'm moving in two weeks and have to pack

Sweet...I've made friends with the owner at the new dry cleaners and get 25% off for life

Sour...I'm speaking in church this Sunday

Sweet...I'm speaking in church this Sunday

Sour...I'm broke

Sweet...My money's gone to plane tickets-I'll be in California for Labor Day!

Sour...I need to paint my room white

Sweet...30 of us chipped in $1 each for the Mega Millions lotto-my chances at 1.6 million are that much better

Sour...I fell asleep at the movies this weekend

Sweet...I had lunch at Koi on the company this week

Sour...Summer's almost over and it just started

Sweet...Jac Attack is back

Sweet...I got an IKEA catelog in the mail today

Sour...I feel like my hair won't grow

Sweet...I've gotten some fun mail recently; a safety whistle from Gina, sunglasses from Jeff, and some books from my mom.


maggie said...

I like this sweet n sour format! Fun! Hope you have more sweets than sours to come!

Debbie said...

I hope you win the lotto!!!!