Wednesday, August 5, 2009

All in a day's work

I often times am asked what I do all day at work.  Some days I'm very busy running around booking extensive international travel, decoding piles of expenses, arranging meetings with several extremely busy MDs, tracking people down, etc.
Other days my time is filled with tasks not quite as...traditional as one might expect to find at one of the world's largest banks.  Today was one of those days.  Today was filled with the following:
  • Running to Lord & Taylor for the bossman to pick up a gift with the Batman card
  • Grabbing some almonds for an under the weather loose cannon
  • Continuing to act like a collection agency, following up, and following up, and following up with the stragglers, trying to get them to jump through some HR hoops
  • Researching and then comparing the nutritional information between Baked Lays and Classic Lays, and then printing out and highlighting for the bossman (who's supposedly on a diet)
  • Guessing the age of one coworker, who offended another coworker by putting them in the same age category.  Something along the lines of, "Do you know any good bars for people our age?"  (The one asking is 14 years older.)
  • Arguing the differences between blonds and brunettes.  I told my coworker to check out some photos online (of a guy I didn't know) who was cute.  She then told me, "Oh I get your type now."  "What, scruffy?"  "No, blond."  "Blond??"  I've never dated a blond, nor ever really been interested in a blond.  This coworker has seen pictures of different guys I've dated in the past few years.  I listed off the guys, all of whom she said were blond.  One of these guys came into the office once, so I asked another coworker if she thought he was blond, she said yes.  What????  So then we proceeded to scour the floor for guys either of us considered blond.  For the record, we could not find ONE blond guy on the entire floor.  It turns out my light brown is a New Yorker's blond.  There are no blonds here.  (Anyone who reads this who knows guys I've you consider any of them blond?)  

Some days are tougher than others.


Jason said...

You are blond??? You should see Elise. She has embraced her inner Kate Hudson and is really blond.

Debbie said...

Yes, elise is.....I remember the first time I met her and thought she looked just like kate hudson.