Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What would you do?

As excited as I am for Australia, I'm seriously dreading the flights.  The good news is I'm flying on Virgin Australia so I'll have access to power outlets to recharge my iPod when I need to.
Including my flights from NY to LA and back, I'm looking at about 40 hours of flying time.  (And that's not even including the flights within Oz.)  Ugh.  I decided I'm going to download a season (or two, or three) of a tv show, and I want something that's going to be super entertaining, addictive and make me forget about the time as much as possible.  That being said, I'd love some suggestions.  The following are shows I'm considering:
  • Arrested Development
  • The Wire
  • Damages
  • Alias
  • Entourage
  • Mad Men
Other than a couple episodes of Alias I've never seen any of these shows, but have heard good things.  I'd love to hear any other recommendations, except for the following:
  • CSI (I've watched all the Vegas episodes, and I'm not into Miami or New York)
  • Prison Break (Loved the first two seasons, but became bored with the third)
  • 24 (Obviously seen all the seasons, but wish I could find a show as addicting for this!)
  • Felicity (Seen em...during recluse time after a breakup.  SUCH a great show.)
  • Sex and the City (Obviously seen em a million times.)
  • Lost (No desire)
  • Smallville (No desire)
  • Gossip Girl (Totally bugs)
  • House (I CAN'T STAND Dr. House...so obnoxious)
Sitcoms like Friends or Seinfeld aren't really what I'm looking for either, as those shows are too light for what I'm looking for.
Also, I'm not just planning on watching tv and drugging up to get some sleep.  I want to read too.  I'll have some traveling time from city to city within Australia, and I'm not the kind to just pass out on a bus or a plane.  The thing with reading, however, is books take up space, and we're backpacking so space is limited.  Luckily (in this instance) I'm a slow reader.  I'm thinking I'll bring two books.  I want something really entertaining.  Like I can't put this book down addicting.  I'm currently reading The Mole People which is really interesting, but it doesn't really fit that description, so I might be leaving that one at home.
So I want anyone and everyone to please leave a comment with your advice!!!
Oh yeah, and no Twilight series.  Gag me.


Maria said...

Alias- do it. I was up until 4 am every day for about a month watching this series with my roomies. So many cliff hanger endings of episodes - so addicting.

chiggidy said...

You can download books to your iPhone, too....just as a side note.

I am all for Arrested Development or Psych.

Kim Chidester said...
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kimmy said...

TV shows: Entourage or Arrested D are in my top favs, promise you won't be disappointed with either one.

Books: Eat, Pray, Love. I read this one on a trip to Puerto Rico- love, love, LOVED it. It reads like a "beach read" (light and entertaining) but I could NOT put it down. It was also very enlightening.

Marcus and Amy said...

I have heard the new Grisham book is good - The Associate.

Jason said...

Alias has the worst acting ever. Come on Jennifer Garner are you serious? Elise loved that show and made me watch a couple episodes and I could not believe a smart college educated girl like her could be entertained by such crappy acting. Honestly, 30 Rock is pretty good, but I know you don't want a SitCom. I bet you'd like Damages, but that is only 1 season. Entourage is probably trashy and you shouldn't support HBO. Lost sucks, but the DVD's are pretty good.

Janie's World said...

Have you thought about getting a kindle? You can download hundreds of books from anywhere and they are cheaper than paperbacks and only one little device! The only problem is that it costs about $300.

Delaney has been home sick for weeks with mono. She is addicted to desperate housewives. Lots of seasons to catch up on. If you likes sex in the city, you would like desperate housewives. - Don't roll yur eyes at me!!!

diana lillefloren said...

If you haven't read it yet, read
"The Shack". I can't put it down.
And yes, this picture was taken in Idaho this past New Years.

nerak said...

TV show: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. I know what you're thinking, high school football, Karen?? But I'm serious. It is amazing, it is the best show on TV, hands down. I've converted many to obsession. Brigham even dressed like one of the characters for Halloween.

Book: I second the 'Eat, Pray, Love' suggestion. Also, I LOVED the memoir by Nicholas Sparks, 'Three Weeks With My Brother.' I've never had a book make me laugh so much, or cry so much. It's amazing.

Now you've got me thinking... I should probably look into the same thing. Those cross-Pacific flights are going to be a brute by my lonesome!

meggan said...

Entourage and Arrested Development are both must-sees. And I watched Made Men over Christmas and loved it, it is definitely not a comedy but the look and costuming are amazing and it is kind of a must for a NYer such as yourself. Awakening the Buddha Within is a great book, and I would also recommend downloading a few podcasts off iTunes...they are free and there are a million different subjects and they come in audio as well as video.

Trish said...

I'm going to be doing a 24 hour read-a-thon on April 18th. You could do that on your trip--would be half your flight!! :) Anyway, as ick as it is, the Twilight series would probably be great for the flight(s).

Elise said...

Don't listen to Jason, watch Alias. I watched the several seasons on DVD pre-24 and I loved it. I would watch episodes until the very wee hours. Unbelieveable? Yes. But entertaining? Very, very.

katherine said...

I also loved Eat, Pray, Love. I would highly recommend Pillars of the Earth and I know you're not looking for a sitcom but How I Met Your Mother is priceless! I can't imagine being in a plane for that long--Good luck! (By the way, have you seen the Twilight movie? We watched it...errr...tried to watch it...while we were in Houston and it was even worse than the book!)

melissa said...

i just finished reading david sedaris' dress your family in corduroy and denim and seriously laughed the ENTIRE time. it's a compilation of short stories about this guy's childhood all the way to adulthood about his dysfunctional family.. seriously HILARIOUS. sounds mean, but he is so witty. here is a review - "a masterpiece, not only does davis sedaris possess a cracking sense of humor and literary style, but he excels as the butt of his own jokes. this is a man who could capture your heart and lift your spirits while reading out the ingredients of a rice cake" LOVE IT!

Debbie said...

Keep reading Eat Pray Love. It really is good.....maybe start it over again.
Get Damages. I love it but it is really intense and some parts are scary. Lots of twists and turns.
I can't believe 40 hours....ugh!! But what great memories.
Love you!!!