Saturday, March 28, 2009


Dear readers, thanks for all the suggestions!
So here's where I am now....despite what Jason said I'd decided I would download a couple seasons of Arrested Development and Alias.  However, when I logged into itunes I found they only have the 4th and 5th seasons of Alias!  Lame!!  So I'm still trying to figure out what I'll watch instead.
Now for the book recommendations, I loved hearing all your thoughts.  I've actually read Eat Pray Love and The Shack.  Well, I read part of Eat Pray Love.  I couldn't put it down until the middle of Pray in India.  I got so bored with that section and quit reading.  I know, who am I?  Apparently a bad reader who doesn't finish books when I lose interest.  But I still love the suggestions because that's exactly the type of book I'm looking for.  As Kimmy put it, light like a beach read, but still a page turner.
I did think about getting a Kindle, and it would be really useful for this trip, however I really like to have books for a collection/library.  If it was more affordable I'd get one for the trip, but I can't really drop $300 just for this.  But good idea Janie!!  Also, I watched the first couple seasons of Desperate and loved it!  But quit watching the third season when I lost interest.
I also almost downloaded the app for the iPhone once a couple months ago, but I think reading a book would get a little strenuous on my phone.  Plus, I'm not taking my phone with me.
So where does this leave me for books?  Thanks to your suggestions, and a little research, I'm considering:
We Need to Talk about Kevin
The Glass Castle
Memory Keeper's Daughter
Three Weeks With My Brother
Firefly Lane
Has anybody read Firefly Lane?  I saw it was a best seller and it looks really good, but I just wondered if anyone had read it, or heard of anyone who'd read it.
Oh yeah, and you should know me better, KB, to know that Pillars of the Earth is WAY too big of a book for me.  Isn't that the one that's like 1000 pages??
Lastly, I'm so hesitant to even admit this because I know what I'll hear buuuut.......I've never picked up any of the Harry Potter books.  I never really had any desire, and then, like most things I don't care about that get a lot of hype, I turned anti.  I mean really, wizards and magic?  Eh.  Fantasy really doesn't do anything for me.  But there is a smidgen of intrigue only because I've had friends who said they were like me and then had to eat their words.  What I'm wondering is, is there anyone out there who didn't like these books???
And yes, Mom, I do know I still need to read Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man and Why Him, Why Her?  But relationship how-to books aren't what I'm looking for for this trip either.
(How are you supposed to take it when your mom sends you two relationship books, anyway?)


Trish said...

I'm reading The Glass Castle for my work book club next month. I've heard good things about it but haven't started reading it yet.

AdriHutch said...

I am in the India part of Eat, Pray, Love and I'm losing interest. It's fun because my yoga teacher said that was her favorite part...go figure! :)

Janie's World said...

The Glass Castle is my all time favorite book! I absolutely loved it. Memory keepers daughter was boring - didn't like it so much. I also like a book called Ellen Foster by Kaye Gibbons. Have you read Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood? I loved this book too. My husband suggests "The Thorn Birds" it takes place in Australia - so might be fun, it is a great epic romance etc. It is thick, so might be the only book you need, depends on how fast you read.

Janie's World said...

BTW-Pillars of the Earth is an AWESOME book - worth the investment in time.

katherine said...

A few things:
1) I usually don't do super long books but Pillars really sucks you in. I think you'd really, really, like it! Think of how sad you are when you finish a good book. Well, this one just keeps on going :).
2) Janie gave another good recommendation I'd forgotten about--Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. If you saw the movie--it sucked! The book is SO much better!
3) FYI, I just read the memory keeper's daughter and it was slow, boring, and depressing.
4) My first thought after reading your previous post was, "She just needs to give in and read Harry Potter!" but I knew you would roll your eyes. So now that you've opened up that can of worms, I'm recommending them again! I do NOT read sci/fi, fantasy, anything and I loved them.

Marcus and Amy said...

The Glass Castle was so crazy to read, probably because it was a true story, but the whole time I read it I was thinking it could not be a true story - but I read it anyway because I had to find out the whole story.

I also really enjoyed the Lucky One - by the guy that wrote the Notebook - I can't think of his name. It was a really light read and had a nice story that didn't require a lot of thinking.

I could not for the life of me get into the Harry Potter books - I tried but was really bored and found them really cheesy. But this coming from someone who enjoyed reading the Twilight series - SO, I guess to each their own. Give them a try - what do you have to lose.

Elise said...

You'll like The Glass Castle. Just like everyone else said, it was a great book. One of my favorites.

I am going to read Pillars this summer, when I can devote a lot of time to it.


Michelle said...

I can't remember what you said, but I loved the Bridget Jones books, and they are different than the movies. The Glass Castle will be a good choice too.

Jason said...

iTunes just did you a huge favor by saving you the money and the time spent watching that stupid show. :)

Ruth said...

Hi Rachel,

I wasn't interested in the Harry Potter books either. But I'm now reading the 4th one. I can't put them down. They really are good. They just take you to a whole different world. I'm really enjoying them.


Debbie said...

I was never interested and still am not interested in the Harry Potter books either. Memory Keepers Daughter is depressing. Sorry that you were offended by those relationship books I gave you. I just saw Steve Harvey on Oprah and he was hysterical. I bought the books myself for he laughs and that's all I meant for you to have was a laugh. Anyway, Pillars is a long book but I agree with everyone is really a great read. I loved it. the brothers book is good too but it's a true story and there are some really sad parts. You just gotta keep reading in Eat Pray Love. I think you will enjoy it in the end. I can't wait now to go get Glass Castle.....haven't heard of it but sounds good! Can you get a little thing to watch movies?? If so get Damages. It is 10 times better than 24 and just saw the 2nd season finale and it was amazing! Best Drama show on TV in my opinion for suspense and twists and turns. Sorry I went on and mom