Friday, March 27, 2009

Thank goodness for laundry day

I planned on doing my laundry Wednesday night, but instead I went to dinner with friends.  I planned on doing my laundry Thursday night, but instead I went shopping with a girlfriend.  This morning I tore apart my sock/underwear/nylons/misc drawer (you know the one) looking for a backup pair.  Just when I was about to resort to bikini bottoms I stumbled across a pair I'd forgotten I owned.  My most grandma-ish pair.  Yes!
It was a gorgeous day today, albeit a slow day at work, which means I left the office at 4:30pm.  I ran an errand and on my jacket-free walk to the subway I noticed a Pinkberry.  Yum!  Of course I had to stop.
I was walking along 14th Street, headed to the 2/3, thinking about what a perfect spring moment I was having, cup of froyo in one hand, spoon shoveling in the other, when whoosh!!  And up flies my dress.  I'd changed into comfier flats so I didn't think twice about walking over the grates that run above the subway I usually avoid when in heels.
I scrambled to pull the spoon outta my mouth, stick it into the cup, and use the one now free hand to push down my dress and I scampered off the grate.  I wasn't super successful.  Oh yeah, and it was 5:30, when everyone's leaving work and heading to the subway.
Thank goodness for laundry day.  Had it been any other day I wouldn't have been so...covered.


Trish said...

Thank goodness for granny panties!! :) Did you get any whistles??

Kris and Libby Brown said...


maggie said...

ha ha! funny! and i hope the pinkberry was oh so good!

Jamie said...

oh gosh rach! that's classic! i've never had make me want to try it! sounds delish!

Michelle said...

Laughing out loud right now! That is so HOT!

Debbie said...

I can't quit laughing right now, really can't quit laughing!!! And I love the characature (sp?) with the comment. Is all I can say is at least you weren't wearing what I wear......, right?