Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thoughts from the treadmill

  • Can things really change?
  • Six months will fly by, but so much can happen.
  • Why do my legs suddenly feel like cement?
  • I hate that I compare my speed with the runner next to me.
  • If I got to my ideal weight would I want a boob job?
  • Should I go back to the one piece swimming suit?  There's so many cute ones out there these days.
  • I really need to get those expenses done at work.
  • I love Suze Orman.
  • How could that chick on Oprah today not tell her fiance about her debt???
  • Should my future husband and I show each other our credit reports just to make sure?
  • How much weight can I lose in two and a half months?
  • How do girls work out with their hair down?
  • I need to get my hair cut.
  • Will I be able to let go?
  • What's the best thing for me?
  • What can I start eating at lunch that isn't so boring, and not ridiculously unhealthy?  The chips and cookie I had today and Monday aren't cutting it.
  • I wish this tv wasn't in front of me because I'd rather zone out while staring at that building in progress all lit up.
  • Walking at 4.0 is the perfect pace for listening to Vogue.
  • I'm so glad I don't watch The Bachelor and also that I'm not watching American Idol this season.
  • How can I get what I really want in a living situation?
  • I need to pick a day of the week where I don't watch any tv and just read instead.
  • I love that I was asleep by 8:30 last night.
  • Don't forget to read the scriptures tonight.
  • I think I know what to do.
  • I can't wait to go to Australia.
  • I can't wait for my dad to come this weekend.


Janie's World said...

Okay, I run, yes run, at 4.0! (it must be because I have short legs, yeah, that's it).

Jhope said...

Suzie Orman sucks. I used to like her, but she is a populist just like everyone else. Loves to say what makes the larger group love her. I think she's changed over the past year. Also, I totally plan on having my daughter's would-be fiances provide me with a credit report before I allow them permission to marry my daughter. :)

Reagan said...

Weren't you so happy that couple gets to remodel their kitchen? I'm so jealous you are going to australia, I hear everyone looks like hugh jackman. Oh yeah, let ME cut your hair! I'm trying to take over the mormon hair industry!!

Elise said...

Jason's not kidding about asking our future daughter's suitors for their credit report. He plans to give them a financial planning lesson.

Isn't bed by 8:30 the best?! That is our goal for weeknights.

Debbie said...

I love all your thoughts Rachel. I too think Suze Orman Jason should keep negative thoughts to it doesn't hurt anyone's feelings. Can't wait for them to have a girl....especially a teenager dating......I will sit back know. I too think Suze Orman has some great advice. Love you.....have fun this weekend with your Dad.

Erin said...

Racho, I love your treadmill comments. Keep them coming. I am just surprised you can remember all your thoughts by the time you get to a computer. We miss you down here in So Cal. Coming anytime soon? Thank you for your message a few weeks ago.

Erin said...
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Michelle said...

I love reading your thoughts from the treadmill. It almost (I said almost)inspires me to go running.....

meggan said...

I can't STAND girls working out with their hair down, if I see someone sans ponytail then I just stare at them and it becomes all I can focus on. And you let me know what you are looking for in that living situation, because I am a great roommate who is looking to make a change of location in the somewhat near future that may or may not involve n to the y to the c. Keep me posted.

Nadia said...

lets get boob jobs together!!! :)
And seriously working out with your hair down...who do those girls think their kidding. They look ridiculous.

Jamie said...

hey rach...go check out my post from yesterday titled, flattered...there might just be a little shout out to you there, haha. and by sure to read the comments of that post : )